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How I feel right now.

No. Way. The. Enemy. Wins.

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Honduras: homosexual seminarians sent away from seminary except for those from…

A while ago, the best English language Vaticanista these days, Edward Pentin wrote about the rampant homosexual network in the seminary in the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the See of one of Francis’ key players, Oscar Card. Rodriguez Maradiaga. HERE … Read More

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“Whatsoever new and unheard-of doctrine you shall find to have been furtively introduced” is “permitted as a trial”.

When confusing things happen that leave people upset, legitimately, I have often written that that we should stay calm.   This is for several reasons. Each horrid thing that clerics do or strange thing they say is further proof that this … Read More

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Pius XII: coercive power, death penalty NOT “conditioned by historical circumstances” for they have “a general and abiding validity”

I was recently reminded of a 2013 article at Crisis by Fr. George Rutler about capital punishment” “Hanging Concentrates The Mind”. Among other things in his piece, Rutler writes of the guy I wrote about yesterday, Mastro Titta, the official … Read More

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