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During The Present Crisis partisans of the loony and often homosexual catholic Left have attempted misdirection of attention away from the root cause – homosexuality – and toward clericalism. Watch: they will also try to connect the Crisis to traditional … Read More


A sermon by an old friend about The Present Crisis

My old friend Fr. Robert Altier, back in my native place, gave a sermon last Sunday, 19 August, which is worth your while. Fr. Altier and I were in seminary together, though he was a couple years ahead of me.

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World Meeting for Families: vestments and art

I wrote about the dreadful vestments used at the World Meeting For Families 2018 in Ireland. HERE You should read what Catholic artist Daniel Mitsui wrote about how artists were invited to submit designs for the vestments and how shabbily treated … Read More

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Omnium Gatherum: Egypt’s River and a predictably “gay” attack on a forthright bishope

I am still partially unplugged, but, having reengaged a little.   Enough to have read a few headlines, my blood-pressure to spike, and then to chuckle at something unintentionally hilarious in its entirely intended malice. First, compare and contrast. At … Read More

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