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Dear friends: You’re invited to an online conversation:

Imagine the Future: A Church with Women Deacons
A conversation…

Posted by Fr. James Martin, SJ on Thursday, June 11, 2020

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Dear friends: You’re invited to an online conversation:
Imagine the Future: A Church with Women Deacons
A conversation on women deacons hosted by Sister Colleen Gibson, SSJ with Dr. Phyllis Zagano.
Monday, June 15
7:30 pm Eastern
This online event is free, but registration is limited to 500 participants. Register online here, and you will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions to access the talk. You are welcome to share this invitation with friends who may be interested.

I hope many of you will benefit from your active participation in this event.


Hurry!  It’s limited.  Fill up that room!

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  1. acardnal says:

    “Zagano Watch!”

  2. We have lawlessness and violence in the streets, with Catholic churches being vandalized. We have local governments exercising tyrannical powers over their citizens. We have places where Catholics are still being deprived of Mass and the Sacraments. We have been the targets of the hugest social engineering operation in human history, with almost no pushback from the Catholic hierarchy. While the world burns down around us, we have religious sisters pushing women’s ordination — a futile project that has zilch to do with flesh-and-blood Catholics. Another stunning proof of how modernism has nothing to offer us in times of trial and suffering.

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    @Anita Moore, O.P.(lay)

    If you search at Google for:

    “cognitional basis of modernism is masturbation”

    you get a series of hits, prefaced by Google with the computer-generated observation:

    It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search

    I regret that I do not recall which orthodox Catholic author made this observation.

    It may be true that modernism involves painting about painting, and architecture (complete with leaky flat roofs, adopted by no indigenous peoples who live outside of deserts) about architecture, but the industrial design field, reading about which is my hobby, is still relatively uncontaminated in practice, if not in theory. Deo Gratias.

  4. SundaySilence says:

    Huh. It let me register. But, the meeting is on Zoom, which I don’t use. The invite did instruct me to email any questions, so I sent the following to Sister Colleen:
    “Huh. How is this still a thing?”

    I will let you know if she responds.

  5. Gaetano says:

    Torture a theological issue long enough and you can get it to confess whatever you want it to.

  6. acardnal says:

    Charles Flynn, I have no idea what you said or mean. Goodnight.

  7. majuscule says:

    Oh rats, I missed it! I need to check this blog more often so I don’t miss exciting things like this! I would have attended wearing my camouflage mantilla.

    And I’ve had a lot of fun with virtual backgrounds on Zoom.

  8. JonPatrick says:

    A “conversation” on Women Deacons. Normally a conversation involves a give and take of ideas. I wonder how much give and take there will be in this particular “conversation”.

    Anita Moore you nailed it. Sounds like rearranging the deck chairs while the ship is taking on water. At least we know the Ship that is the Church will never sink, but it has been taking on water, not helped by many of the crew that seem to be pumping the water into the ship instead of out of it.

  9. Simon_GNR says:

    Not only ontologically, but also grammatically, there cannot be such thing as a “woman deacon”. If women could be admitted to the diaconate they would be “female deacons” (or deaconesses), not “women deacons”. “Woman” is a noun, not an adjective. Yet another things these “wimmin” get wrong!

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    Anita did nail it. These womyn are just part of the revolution, now about to accelerate thanks to the great “conservative” Justice Neil Gorsuch, who has just unleashed the whirlwind on us, and they are already wildly successful.
    The church is irrelevant. She is on the winning side and going to stay there. It all happened in large part thanks to the church. It left a vacuum which has now been filled.

  11. InFormationDiakonia says:

    And….how is sister’s order fairing? It was hard in the picture to tell who was the sister and who was the “academic”. Of note is you don’t (at least I don’t) hear any of this claptrap from orders where the sisters still wear the habit. Makes you go hmmmm…..

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