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ASK FATHER: If women can’t be priests, can they be deacons?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I know women can’t become priests, but…can they become deacons? The thought never entered my mind before, but upon gathering some resources for a friend who had asked why women cannot become priests, I found a video … Read More

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3 Sept – Feast of St. Phoebe, Non-Deacon

Today there is fervent celebration of the great St. Phoebe, of Romans 16.  She was apparently a wealthy woman of Cenchreae (near Corinth), a friend and supporter (prostatis) of Paul (he had several female patronesses), a “servant” (diakonos – note … Read More

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NEW can. 1379 § 3 makes a canonical crime an attempt to ordain a woman to ANY of the three sacred orders (episcopate, priesthood, diaconate)

Yesterday I wrote about the new Book VI of the Latin Church’s Code of Canon Law. This new Book VI, dealing with offenses and punishments, completely replaces the older version. Some changes are mere rearranging. Others are more substantive. Yesterday … Read More

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Liberal Ass. of U.S. Catholic Priests is now pushing for the ordination of women

I read at Church Militant that the renegade, liberal Ass. of U.S. Catholic Priests is now pushing for the ordination of women, first to the diaconate.   This is not going to happen, but the confusion sown by such support warrants … Read More

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More goop from Fishwrap about ordaining women

The Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) has a cringe-worthy review of a book by John Wijngaards (an ex-priest – he quit because of the Church’s ” teaching on sexuality”) with a spectacularly mendacious title: What They Don’t Teach You in Catholic … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! 15 June – 1930 EDT – Online DEACONETTE discussion! Free, but you have to sign up!

Here’s something sure to be of interest to all of you! Promoted by none other than Jesuit James Martin. https://www.facebook.com/FrJamesMartin/posts/10157078036511496 Dear friends: You’re invited to an online conversation: Imagine the Future: A Church with Women Deacons A conversation… Posted by … Read More

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CELEBRATE! 26th Anniversary of “Ordinatio sacerdotalis”!

I have a wonderful bottle of cava in the fridge.   Today, being a Vigil, is not usually a celebratory day for me, but I can’t help but let out a little whoop of joy. The lesbian writer, who was so … Read More

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Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) on the YACOD (aka YET ANOTHER Commission on Deaconettes)

The Fishwrap has an article replete with wailing and hand ringing. In a nut shell (a pretty good description of what’s inside the wrap that is that publication) they lament that there are members of YET ANOTHER Commission on women … Read More

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YET ANOTHER Commission on Deaconettes (YACOD)

We read at Vatican News that YET ANOTHER Commission on Deaconettes or YACOD has been formed. Consider: Francis observes “Spy” Wednesday, when we recall how 1/12 of the bishops/apostles sold the Lord for 30 pieces of silver, by instituting YACOD.  … Read More

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Ultra-dissident “Voice of the Faithful” to host an online meeting about deaconettes. Anyone can register!

This is interesting. Voice of the Faithful – which is neither – is sponsoring an online meeting about the ordination of woman to the diaconate.   It is hosted through the super-liberal Hofstra University. Anyone can register!  HERE Topic Women Deacons … Read More

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Amazon Synod and deaconettes?

You know that the issue of deaconettes is going to be raised at the Synod (“walking together”) on the Amazon. The former Prefect of the CDF, Gerhard Card. Müller responded to something a wacky S. American suggested, namely, that the … Read More

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Card. Müller on deaconettes. “No.”

I am reminded of years in the past when I would sometimes be challenged again and again for decisions I had made.   I eventually would say, “I have two answers.  There’s a short answer and a long answer.”  “What’s the … Read More

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Irish Ass. of Catholic Priests in toddler meltdown mode against Francis over no women deacons

There are, apparently, still some priests left in Ireland for the tens of people who still want the sacraments.   Evidence for this claim is found in a story at IrishCatholic.com.  It concerns that pungent group, the Ass. of Catholic Priests.  … Read More

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Francis and the Deaconess Study Commission

At Crux Charles Collins (quondam Vatican Radio speaker) has some cleared-eye comments on recent remarks made on an airplane trip by Francis about the possibility of the ordination of women to the diaconate. In his view, and I agree, Francis … Read More

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Study Commission: no evidence women were ordained to the diaconate

At LifeSite there is a story related to the final report of the study commission set up by Francis to look into the historical issues of female deacons, deaconesses, deaconettes, whatever. It was not the job of the commission to … Read More

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US bishops asked about women deacons

A CNA piece at the Catholic Herald looks into women deacons, deaconettes, whatever.    Yesterday, I posted about a brilliant piece at Touchstone which shows, incontrovertibly, that the reasoning behind support for ordination of women (to any grade of order) is the same … Read More

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The “logical union of women’s ordination and sodomy”

I have noticed lately an uptick in chatter about women deacons, deaconettes, deaconesses, whatever.  There was a conference at Fordham recently at which speakers (read: promoters) blew past the obvious problems of our lack of certainty about what ordination may … Read More

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Deaconette study commission won’t make decisions, recommendations

From Fishwrap comes news that will have their readers weeping into their chai lattes and Cosmos. You might recall that I have said that the deaconette study commission (which Pope Francis set up to look at historical issues) would not make … Read More

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An Armenian bishop “ordains” a deaconette

My inbox is being pelted with a story that some Armenian Orthodox bishop in Tehran “ordained” a female deacon.  For example HERE and HERE. To which I respond: Ho hum. First, I’m not sure that we care much about a … Read More

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Re-reading Martimort on Deaconesses. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

In once wonderfully Catholic Austria, the silly season is in swing.  The new bishop of Innsbruck, Most Rev. Hermann Glettler, said that he supports the ordination of women to the diaconate (which is impossible) and Holy Communion for the divorce … Read More

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