Your Sunday Sermon notes – 2nd Sunday after Pentecost (NO: Corpus Christi) 2020 & church openings

In many places, those who frequent the Novus Ordo today will have their Corpus Christi observance.  Also, in some places where the TLM is celebrated there will be an “external” celebration of Corpus Christi on this 2nd Sunday after Pentecost.

Either way it is a Sunday.   Even as Masses are starting to open up again, I think nearly everywhere people are still dispensed from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass.

It may be that you went to church for Mass.  It may be that you heard a sermon via the internet.

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday, either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was.

Also, let us know about church openings and Masses in your area.

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  1. Irish Timothy says:

    No mass here in Alliston Ontario yet. Starts this week. Watched mass on EWTN today. Very nice! Archdiocese of Toronto says no communion on the tongue when masses start after they consulted medical officials. Unreal……and sad. Pray for us up north please.

  2. visigrad22 says:

    Dear Irish
    In two separate instances Communion was refused on the tongue. In one I wrote the Bishop, and another a local priest ..simply sent them good information including a copy of a letter from Rome wherein it states clearly that reception of Communion on the tongue is never to be denied ;it is the choice of the communicant, and statements from two physicians who are Directors of Catholic Medical Associations both of whom assert Communion on the tongue is by far the safer method.I think we need to speak up for the Truth….sometimes there are positive results. Both of these unjust directives were changed. Thank You Jesus.

  3. Irish Timothy says:

    visigrad22 – Thank you for posting this (and Fr Z for allowing it!). I appreciate this information and will dig in further and charitably take this route. God Bless you!

  4. I watched the Mass from the FSSP parish in Providence, Rhode Island, where the priest quoted the Cure of Ars as saying, “let the people go twenty years without a priest and they will be worshipping the beasts.” The priest also made a clever play on words when he said that we have lost our heads because we lost our head, God. That Mass was the external solemnity of Corpus Christi.

    After that, I switched to the ICKSP Mass from Milwaukee, where the priest made the good point that worthy reception of Holy Communion should be preceded by adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He linked that to the reading for the Second Sunday after Pentecost where everyone had an excuse for not coming to the wedding feast, and in reference to attending Adoration that would be offered there on Friday evening at 6:30 pm, asked “what is our excuse?” If I were a wise guy, I’d be tempted to say, “two days’ driving,” but I imagine that with some effort I might be able to find some parish closer to me that offers adoration, at least when the current insanity has passed.

    My parents went to Mass at our territorial parish in the Rockville Centre diocese this morning and are claiming that everything is fine, but with a 25% capacity limit, required masks, taped off areas, Communion after Mass, and anti-social distancing, it doesn’t sound “fine,” and I’m inclined to wait it out until things get better, and I have reached the point in my spiritual journey where I’d much prefer an extraordinary form Mass. Unfortunately, the three diocesan churches that offer EF Masses are too small to accommodate a normal group on Sundays and I am unsure of what is going on a bit further away without actually making the journey and risking being unwelcome for one or another reason, so for now I’ll reluctantly take advantage of the ongoing dispensation. At least the Masses I watched this morning streamed without choppy audio, though I also watched Fr. Z later in the day and his audio, though not choppy, got out of sync with the video altogether. [How odd. It isn’t a problem on the playback video.]

  5. jhogan says:

    Because of car troubles, I watched a live stream of High Mass at my parish. I find that it is hard to follow the sermon when I watch Mass rather than attend it in person. My parish is opening up to a normal Mass (and Confession) schedule without restrictions on Monday, except our poor two priests are celebrating five(!) Masses on Sundays to allow for social distancing.

  6. R. Guadalupe says:

    I went to a Corpus Christi procession with Benediction after! Yay! There were plenty of people screaming at us; we walked by BLM protesters in our little town.

    Bishop Daly of Spokane Diocese has really been fighting for Mass to be allowed again. Mass was restarted last weekend, but very limited. However, during the lockdown confession has been available outside 4 days a week, and the churches remained open for private prayer, with one that has 24 hour adoration.

    Bishop Daly also announced an Opening of a Diocesan Year of the Eucharist.

    The letter was really wonderful talking about the Real Presence and Mass being a Sacrifice. The only thing I wish he had touched on was going to confession regularly and being in a state of grace when receiving.

    One of the priests put up a YouTube video on how to receive Holy Communion, and mentioned that he prefers Communion on the tongue, and that receiving in the hand is actually an indult. Now, if he’d only start offering the Latin Mass…
    That would be wonderful, as the nearest is 3 1/2 hours away.

  7. iPadre says:

    I talked about the human desire for intimacy and how God fulfills that need with the Blessed Sacrament. There is a circle of love – Adoration leads to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which leads to Communion, which leads to Adoration. The circle of love continues leading us into deeper union with Christ with the purpose of leading to mystical union, and ultimately heaven.

  8. Passepied says:

    R. Guadalupe – a procession!! I’m so happy for you! What a marvelous witness.

    We had the external observance in the Vetus Ordo, and I unfortunately missed much of Father’s sermon because keeping little Stupor Mundi in the pew requires 98% of my attention on the best days. However, I do remember a good point about the baptismal priesthood and how we are all called to present our sacrifices at the altar with “upright hearts”, not assenting to falsehoods but standing before God in truth. That we must remember into Whose presence we have come. Thanks for the prod to remember that and think on it a little more deeply.

    Masses are allowed here with distancing, etc.. I hate to see the pews roped off but am otherwise not too cut up, as practically speaking it means no more chattering in the nave and hand-grabbing during the Pater Noster. The Archbishop said nothing in his reopening announcement about methods of Communion reception, but I have heard individual priests announce that they will distribute in the hand only. Sigh. I admit I was surprised to see roughly the same attendance at today’s TLM as the last Mass I attended at our ~8x larger territorial parish. (Still more kids and families at the Novus Ordo, though.) Tradition is slow-growing here and very few of my peers are interested. It’s my hope that after going so long with nothing or close to it, people are more open to trying something “new”.

  9. Rob83 says:

    First Sunday for Mass locally, we did a brief procession afterwards. Word on the street from those in attendance is that some followers of the evil one are planning some public ritual next Sunday just down the street.

  10. FromVicBC says:

    I went to the NO mass in the only parish in Victoria BC with a TLM (the only parish to open their arms to our Ordinariate). The priest is an ex navy chaplain.

    “If you do not believe in the real presence of Christ you are wasting your time here. You are not a Catholic.”

    I almost jumped up and said “Amen!” He lambasted luke-warm Catholics for ten minutes and still finished the entire mass in fourty minutes. I assume he’s saving his energy for the TLM in the afternoon because he takes his time during that mass. I love that man.

  11. trespinos says:

    First public Mass. Unfortunately my first will be next Sunday since I’m enduring cold symptoms which need to be tested as harmless first. I’m told that few of those present wore masks; I will and wish others would–too many coughers cough uncarefully. But social distancing was observed.

  12. JonPatrick says:

    Here in the Diocese of Portland ME churches are opening up with a 50 person limit so one must sign up ahead of time, masks, every other pew, etc. We were not able to attend as we are quarantining due to a trip out of state (during which we were able to attend an FSSP Mass). We will be off of quarantine tomorrow so we plan to go next week.

    We attempted to watch the Mass via Internet at the Providence RI FSSP church but the video was still pictures only only the audio was coming through. We did get to hear the homily which has already been described above so I won’t repeat it.

  13. RosaryRose says:

    Father said Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity is truly present on the altar. It’s what we believe. It’s what makes us Catholic.

    Father spoke about the priest (Fr Neri? Ugh. Chemo brain). who sent two altar servers carrying lit candles after a parishioner because the parishioner left right after receiving communion. When the parishioner asked the priest why he did that, the priest said, “if you won’t worship Christ inside you, I am sending them to worship Him”

    Father said our behavior must reflect our beliefs. We take Christ with us into the world.

    Several times I wanted to nod my head, say “Mmm-Hmmm!” I wanted to shout “Amen!” And applaud wildly when he was finished.

    Instead I offered up the desire to shout and prayed. May the smoke of the enemy be lifted and may all souls see clearly.

    God bless our priests! God bless you Fr Z!

  14. Bryan Baldwin says:

    We observed the external celebration of Corpus Christi. As a point of departure, our excellent parochial vicar gave us Tolkien’s words to his son:

    “I put before you the one great thing to love on earth: the Blessed Sacrament … There you will find romance, glory, honour, fidelity, and the true way of all your loves upon earth.”

  15. Our Dominican parish held its first Sunday public Masses since March 13 yesterday. Woo hoo! No lay people! No lay acolytes, no lay eucharistic ministers, no lay carriers of the bread and wine. Plus no “handshake of peace”–and no “four hymns.” In fact, no hymns whatsoever. What a treat. It was like night and day compared to our usual bloated Sunday Mass, and in fact the Novus Ordo works fine when it’s kept simple and reverent. Unfortunately, there’s a 10-person limit on attendance (we might have gone a little over), most of the pews are roped off, which is depressing, and it seems strange to have to wear a mask. But we do get to have Communion on the tongue if we wish (the tongue people have to position themselves at the end of the line). Our pastor gave a nice sermon on the long eucharistic fast we’ve had to endure for three months.

    Afterwards we had a small Corpus Christi procession: just around the block. We didn’t have much of a canopy: just an improvisation with sheets and poles. But it was lovely, with a surprising crowd, including several Dominican friars, Latin hymns, and Benediction at an outdoor altar set up in the church garden. It happened to be a gorgeous, crystalline, late-spring day, with a profusion of flowers in bloom everywhere. A perfect ending.

    All will undoubtedly change, however, when we move into “Phase 2” of the “reopening,” and we’ll undoubtedly be back to the eucharistic ministers and the whole dreary rest of it soon enough.

  16. ourladysdressmaker says:

    Sang the Lauda Sion, broken into parts, for entrance, the sequence, offertory, and communion at our NO (all in Latin except the sequence). Fr made three points on the Eucharist, but I can only remember one where he compared the Eucharistic presence in every single church as a shattered mirror, with each shard reflecting only one person. Also a made a point on how our Lord fits into the host somewhat like an entire horizon fitting into our pupils.

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