Making an upgrade to the “Two Trinities Chapel”

Above my private altar in the “Two Trinities Chapel” I have a high quality print of Murillo’s Earthly and Heavenly Trinities.  From above God the Father and God the Holy Spirit hover over the Child who stands between Mary and Joseph.  Nexus of the Holy Family and Holy Trinity.

The painting hangs in the National Gallery in London.  It has been a favorite of mine for decades.

Over time, looking up at that print, I have desired a larger version, with a finer frame.

Finally, recently, I ordered from the National Gallery and received a larger print.

The original is 293 x 207 cm.  My new print is 58.2 x8.41 cm.  Quite a bit smaller than the original, but bigger than my present.   The original, clearly an altarpiece, seems to have been for a Capuchin church in Cádiz.  It was in a collection of the Pedroso family, and hence is  ‘The Pedroso Murillo’.

Today I want to the frame shop.

We tried a lot of nice frames but, when we check with the manufacturers for availability, quite a few were either not obtainable or they were not obtainable on account of price.  We worked on finding a good combination.  Most were okay, but we kept coming back to one.  The phone call was made: yes, they had enough. Frames, as it turns out, are expensive.   This print will need some 10 feet of frame.  The glass will be that high clarity. museum stuff, virtually invisible.

The price… eventually I received a very good discount on the price per foot for the frame and then there was an online coupon, which helped.

At this point, I would like to invite any readers – especially those who have followed daily streamed Masses over the last few months – to help with the project. Subtracting what I am personally covering, I hope to raise $600. I’d prefer to have just one, two or three get involved, because I want also to put their names on the finished product so they will be remembered for as long as this is present at my altar for Holy Mass.  Feel free to contact me HERE[FULFILLED!  Some of you have stepped up and I have enough for the framing.  THANK YOU!   There are always other things to upgrade, of course. And I will eventually attempt a fabric “baldachin” and other things.]

BTW… in chatting with the people at the frame shop, they said that they have had more, rather than less, business.  As it turns out, people get tired of looking at the same stuff on their walls and they make changes, or clean out stuff and decide to frame old treasures.  I guess that’s what I did, though I wasn’t tired of my beautiful Murillo print.  I like it so much I want a bigger one.  Still…

Here is a photo from our laying out the print and frame choice with the glass (there is plexiglass in the way because… COVID-1984.

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