Daily Rome Shot 04

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. Semper Gumby says:

    Thank you Fr. Z and Bree Dail for these daily photos.

    There is Beauty in the world, and the pilgrimage to dwell with Beauty, as with the quest to preserve Liberty, is a life-long voyage to be embarked upon by every generation.

    For more daily photos see Twitter accounts- they may be making their way to Parler- such as Western Traditionalist and Traditional Western Architecture. See also Roger Scruton “Why Beauty Matters.”

  2. TonyO says:

    Love those fluffy white tufts of clouds, backlit by the sun. Very nice.

  3. wiseskier says:

    che chiesa è questa?

  4. incorpore says:

    Questa è Santi Celso e Giuliano.

  5. KateD says:

    At first flush it’s reminiscent of Borromini’s facade for San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane.

    Thank you for taking our minds to more beautiful contemplations, Father.

    Not that I’m seeking to escape reality, but it’s pleasant to pause to reflect on the beauty we seek to defend as the ugliness threatens to subjugate us to it’s brutality.


    Anyway. Have a glorious Wednesday, in expectation of tomorrow’s festivities.

    I pray your homes are plenty full of friends, family, food and good cheer.

    Here is what was said at the first Thanksgiving thrown
    at the Crypto-Catholic Colony of Jamestown, Virginia (that’s what I’m calling it from now on), long before the Jonny-Come-Lately Puritan arrival at Plymouth. :)-

    “We ordain that this day of our ships arrival, at the place assigned for plantation, in the land of Virginia, shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God.”.


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