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Reacting to article titles

At Crisis there are three article titles that caught my eye and garnered an instant reaction before I read them. Don’t get into the bad habit (that some of you readers here do have) of reacting to titles without reading the posts.  So, … Read More

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@JamesMartinSJ attacks Justice Barrett, Laura Ingraham replies, @FatherZ adds more.

And there’s this. The Supreme Court of the United States – presently with all the seats filled (thanks to Pres. Trump and the GOP lead Senate) – has allowed the execution of a convicted rapist murderer. The sentence was carried … Read More

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St. Robert Bellarmine on priests (Jesuits) who don’t learn to celebrate Mass and don’t follow the rubrics

From  a reader comes this apposite passage. Long-time reader here. Your recent posts (“rants”) about priests learning Latin and their Rite recalled to mind a passage I believe you will heartily enjoy from an excellent older biography of St. Robert … Read More

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