Your Sunday Sermon Notes – 3rd Sunday after Epiphany (NO – 3rd Ordinary) 2021

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday (obligation or none), either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was.

Too many people today are without good, strong preaching, to the detriment of all. Share the good stuff.

Also, are your churches opening up? What was attendance like?

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  1. acardnal says:

    I think this clip of Orson Welles as Father Mapple giving his great sermon in the 1958 movie “Moby Dick” addresses today’s First Reading. It’s “good, strong preaching.”


  2. abralston says:

    Fr. Tornes, a retired priest raised in my parish who has come back to help out the priest with the two parishes he serves (we now have one priest and two retired priests, one who winters in Florida and works with a parish there as well) had one point. Go to confession. And then related that to the reading for mass. But his repeated theme was “go to confession”.

  3. Gregg the Obscure says:

    today was good. serious exhortations to increase the priority of prayer and Scripture and to leave behind those things that hinder our following of the Lord. the pastor offered to buy a Catholic Bible for any of the parishioners who need one.

    bonus: at the pro-life Mass yesterday the Archbishop’s homily knocked it out of the park. highlights: if the dignity of life isn’t maintained at the very beginning and the very end of life, it wont be maintained between those two either; Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are endangering their souls with their support of abortion, as are all people who support abortion; while we oppose abortion, we must show mercy to the women who have had abortions. the entire Mass is linked here (the homily starts at 8:10):

    fwiw the hefty congregant visible near the altar in the wide-angle shots is your humble correspondent. time for me to write a thank-you note to his excellency for that great message

  4. jhogan says:

    Our pastor had a timely message. He stated he noticed an increase in a malaise that was endangering people’s spiritual health and salvation: politics. If watching the news leads to anger or distress, then “turn it off.” He stated that he is not saying that there is nothing to be concerned about, but he pointed to the epistle (3rd Sunday after Epiphany) that God will repay. Those who are angered or distressed should follow the prescription given there to “be at peace with all men.” If that is not possible, then return good for evil.

  5. JonPatrick says:

    The theme of this NO Mass was repent and we don’t have much time. Jonah reluctantly preaches at Nineveh that if they don’t repent God will destroy the city and the people respond. Will we be as responsive? In a few short weeks we may be hearing this message as we receive ashes in Ash Wednesday, to repent and believe in the Gospel, or to dust we will return, emphasizing our time here is short also.

    Father also mentioned the recent anniversary of Roe V Wade and without getting into the politics, spoke about how we need to fight for the rights of the unborn, not only for their sake but for ours as there is a threat to life at the other end of the spectrum in calls for euthanasia.

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