Challenge coin news and questions

I was lately the delighted recipient of a couple of challenge coins commemorating Fr. Emil Kapaun, chaplain, recipient of the Medal of Honor. His remains were recently identified. HERE

I thought some of you would like to see these.

HOWEVER… there is another motive.

Castra moventur!

If there is anyone out there with whom I owe my part of an exchange, PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY.  If you’ve sent a coin and you haven’t gotten mine back from me, please write.  HERE

I wonder… should I make one for my 30th anniversary which is coming up in May?

I know I will make one for my 100 millionth visitor, which should come pretty soon.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Those are nice coins. I am devoted to Father Kapaun. I’ve asked his intercession for Rep. Dan Crenshaw who recently had an operation for a detached retina. He lost one eye in an IED attack and now this.

  2. AA Cunningham says:

    I’m the grateful recipient of coin #192, which I carry with me daily.

    Father Kapaun Guild

  3. Diane says:

    I would love to see a 30th Anniversary Coin for you Father Z!

  4. JonPatrick says:

    I see that there is a challenge coin for ARRL members who are VECs – volunteer administers of examinations for a ham radio license.

    Perhaps there should be one for traditional Catholics that attend the Extraordinary Form (or would if one was available). Or those that are altar servers.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    God bless Fr. Kapaun for his service to God and Country. Spiffy challenge coins Fr. Z.

    Ellen: God bless.

    Interesting idea JonPatrick. Roman Catholic Gear has a St. Joseph Strong challenge coin with St. Joseph and St. Michael, and a Peace Through Strength challenge coin with St. Michael and Our Lady.

  6. Semper Gumby says:

    The link AA Cunningham thoughtfully provided has an email address for Fr. Kapaun prayer cards, which would fit handily in the military pocket-sized New Testament and Psalms. The Fr. Kapaun Guild link could also be shared with the battalion chaplain’s assistant.

    Here is a prayer card (lyrics to the hymn “Be Not Afraid”) which circulated in Anbar Province and elsewhere in Iraq. Michael Yon, a Green Beret turned war correspondent, found one of these cards on a U.S. military base in Anbar and began his 2008 book “Moment of Truth in Iraq” (the book’s cover photo is by Yon) with that prayer card.

    You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst.
    You shall wander far in safety though you do not know the way.
    You shall speak your words in foreign lands and all will understand.
    You shall see the face of God and live.
    Be not afraid. I go before you always;
    Come follow me, and I will give you rest.

  7. maternalView says:

    I’ve seen Fr Z mention challenge coins before. Could someone explain them to me? It seems it’s something traded or shared? Thank you.

  8. AA Cunningham says:

    From wackypedia: Challenge Coin

    In the military it can be common that while visiting a bar, say Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, to approach an individual and challenge them to show you their coin. If they can’t then they must buy you a tankard of grog. If they can then you, the challenger, must buy their next round.

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