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Miscellaneous observations

A few interesting stories… First, call about a long distance call.  HERE   In 1977 Voyager 1 was sent to the outer edge of the solar system.   In November, NASA wanted try to extend the probe’s life by doing a course … Read More

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Challenge coin news and questions

I was lately the delighted recipient of a couple of challenge coins commemorating Fr. Emil Kapaun, chaplain, recipient of the Medal of Honor. His remains were recently identified. HERE I thought some of you would like to see these. HOWEVER… … Read More

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Outstanding challenge coins

A question at large to the readership with whom I may have had correspondence about my 25th anniversary challenge coin. Do I have any outstanding – that is unfulfilled – exchanges with any of you? If we had an exchange … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Religious challenge coins as sacramentals

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Can a religious challenge coin (such as the St. Joseph Strong coin) be a sacramental? Whether or not it is or is not a sacramental, can you get a challenge coin blessed? There is no reason … Read More

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Newly Received! Challenge Coin – Coloring Books – Bibles – 2020 Ordo

You might remember that I have challenge coins and that I like to exchange. I received a new coin from someone who sent the 2018 version last year. They look great! Thanks. I received two copies of a newly printed … Read More

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UPDATES: Black vestments, Gitmo, challenge coins, and some food

I thought I’d give you updates on a few things. First, regarding the Black Vestments project the mighty TMSM is pushing forward.   I had shown ya’ll a photo of the fabric for the set, though it had gold writing, instead … Read More

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Really Bad Idea: sand in holy water fonts during Lent

I was made aware of this by a reader.   I happily endorse one idea one priest had while I entirely repudiate a bad old cliché from another. Castleton symbol of Lent: sand in holy water fonts Alas, the silly season … Read More

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Challenge Coin Update – Catholic War Veterans – #VeteransDay

You may recall that I had challenge coins made. I’ve been giving and exchanging here and there, as well as receiving from kind readers. One just came in from an interesting organization: Catholic War Veterans. Appropriate. I was unaware of … Read More

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On the topic of Challenge Coins, I received a text from an NYPD cop who will be at tonight’s game between the noble small-market, well-deserving Twins and the arrogant, effete, big-market hated Yankees.  He is, woe betide, unrepenting in his support … Read More

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Challenge Coin Update

I have received several emails from priests who have upcoming Jubilees as well as from men who will soon be ordained.  They, too, want to have challenge coins made as I did for my 25th.  They wanted to know where/how I … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z meets Tracer Bullet, Private Eye

I’ve been busy with the Challenge Coin project.  More have gone out to friends and donors, two yesterday, a couple more today. It’s been awhile since we heard about the doings of Tracer Bullet, Private Eye.  I think the last update … Read More

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Updates on Challenge Coins, Gregorian Masses, Birettas, blog nuts and bolts

Firstly, I am having a great time with my Challenge Coins.  I’ve been sending them out to a select group of military, LEOs, and others, including NASA and CIA types.  I’m getting notes back that they’ve been received.  I have … Read More

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UPDATE: Challenge Coin – THEY’RE HERE!

UPDATED BELOW: Originally Published on: Apr 7, 2017 I had mentioned a while back that I resolved to have a challenge coin made.  I figured I’d start with one for my 25th anniversary.  This is what we have come up with … Read More

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Reader Feedback, Biretta Project Update, A Note to Cops, Challenge Coins

Some reader feedback. First, I received a great note from a seminarian who benefit from the generosity of one of you readers out there. For more on the BIRETTA PROJECT go HERE Next, a snail mail card from a fellow … Read More

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