BREAKING “Latindr App used to catch priests in compromising situations”

This is straight from Eccles and so it must be true.

Latindr App used to catch priests in compromising situations

As reported by journalists from the Bitter Pillar (formerly the Tablet), data from the popular social networking Latindr app, used by people of a certain inclination who want to get together for a bit of TLM (nudge, nudge), has been used to trap priests and bishops in compromising situations.

Not suitable for Catholics.

As many commentators have pointed out, Pope Francis’s attempt to restrict the traditional Mass is not simply a change in forms of worship, but a piece of deep moral teaching, on a par with the edict that homosexual priests should keep their trousers on (except possibly if they are Jesuits). All right, it contradicts all the ideas of previous popes, but then so does practically everything that oozes from the papal pen.

So the big moral debate this week was: which is worse, using Latindr to get together with like-minded Catholics, or getting hold of such personal data and “outing” rogue clergy? Well, we on this blog are in no doubt. These nasty wicked people should be exposed for what they are, even if it involves tracking their movements.


The Latin Given By Tradition (LGBT) movement is very powerful these days, and even non-LGBT commentators were shocked to see Pope Francis’s Romaphobic condemnation of the practice. But hacking into Latindr may be the best way to purify the Church.

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  1. Tantum Ergo says:

    Ridding the Church of the Lavender Mafia is much akin to hunting one of the most deadly snakes in the world, the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake, in Florida. They typically hold up in tunnels made by gopher tortoises. Even if you could snag one with a lasso on a pole, it will grapple around, latching onto nooks and crannies in its burro, making it virtually impossible to dislodge. The only solution is to run a hose deep into the burro and pour some gasoline in it, and then blow hard to vaporize the gas. The snake will be forced out, leaving with haste.
    With our situation, the “gas” is revealing the truth loudly, publicly, and forcefully, even if done by “outing.” Whatever it takes.

  2. majuscule says:

    Eccles is one of the best. Follow his blog or, if that isn’t enough, follow him on Twitter: @BruvverEccles.

    Especially at times like this, we need some humor.

    If we can’t have a laugh we’ll end up crying…

  3. kurtmasur says:

    The Captcha alone was awesome! Ha!

    On a side note, we need to combat the rising tide of “LGBT”-phobia in the Church hierarchy…hehe…

  4. Ipsitilla says:

    In the spirit of finding some humor in these difficult times, and perhaps inspired by the great Zuhlio, I’ve created a couple parody hymns, obviously not for liturgical use:
    A heartless thing our shepherd did
    Be not afraid (of the Traditional Latin Mass)

  5. Tantum Ergo says:

    Bravo, BRAVO!

  6. prayfatima says:

    Oh wow, that remake of Be Not Afraid is the best! Please make more!! All those feel-good church songs need to be redone with comical lyrics . Humor is so effective in getting the truth out, it’s very persuasive and fun, too. It seems like the devil doesn’t know what to do with humor, probably because there’s no fun in hell.

  7. Philliesgirl says:

    Congratulations Ipsitilla. Just what’s needed in these sad times!

  8. Tbraun says:

    That, “Latin Given By Tradition” line is pretty good! I wish we could actually get traction on redefining that acronym for real!
    I’m going back and forth between laughing and sorrow/disgust because of the underlying story that is being satirized (both the actions of offenders and the seeming double standard)

  9. JustaSinner says:

    Grindr has been comprised by CCP Intel for years. Hence all the certain political party members in US towing Beijing’s line. It has been ruminated that they are behind the Vatican Grinder outbursts the past couple years. I doubt it, fellow travelers don’t stab each other in the back!

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  11. JabbaPapa says:

    Bruvver Eccles has a luvvly blogg, full of spiritaul nourishment for all savd pussons.

    Guaranteed without concrete doves, and full of good advice for any readers who are de Pop, or anyone else cathlic.

  12. JonPatrick says:

    I know how this all gets started. You are just an innocent attendee of your local Novus Ordo. Then someone comes up to you and says would you like to see some pictures? Clergy compromised wearing cassocks and birettas. Beautiful altars. Solemn high masses. You get interested. Then they say would you like to try the real thing? So you sneak off with him some Saturday morning leaving quietly so no one sees you and go into this little church. The incense and the chanting is overpowering. Pretty soon you are really hooked. Your whole life becomes planned around when and where the next encounter will be. The life of an LGBTer (Latin Given By Tradition).

  13. Semper Gumby says:


    Doc Holliday : In vino veritas.

    Johnny Ringo : Age quod agis.

    Doc : Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego.

    Ringo : Juventus stultorum magister.

    Doc : In pace requiescat.

    (Nota bene: At the end of “Tombstone” nobody died from dysentery on the Oregon Trail.)

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