Compare what Archbp. Roche said in 2015 to what he is saying now.

It is very hard to respect clerics who are just weathervanes, waving around, changing directions under the pressure of whomever is at the moment in power.

Archbp. Roche, now in present role as Prefect of the CDW, now one of the chief enforcers of the cruel legacy document of the Francis’s Regime, in 2015 said that the Traditional Latin Mass is a “valid expression of the Church’s liturgy”.

“Unity … [is] not looking just for simple uniformity,” he said, adding that Pope Francis “talks about unity with diversity. We’ve got to find that in the Church.”

These days, he seems to have done a complete 180.

I wonder. Did Roche, when he was bishop ordinary of a diocese, or as auxiliary, or as a priest, ever celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass for people? Ever? In any ministerial role has he actually used the Vetus Ordo? Not just as an altar boy, which he may have been. As a priest?

What unmitigated temerity from clerics, who judge the TLM without ever having celebrated one for people.

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  1. Gaetano says:

    It’s the clerical equivalent of declaring that “We have always been at war with Eastasia.”

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  3. Jim Dorchak says:

    The Church is on fire and the Cardinals are pissing in the wind. Sorry but this is strong stuff here.

  4. hilltop says:

    They MUST suppress the TLM before they can re-form the NO.
    Reform of the Reform used to mean some sort of blending of NO and TLM. It will come to mean a reimagining of the NO into something entirely different.

  5. Not says:

    Just read on the latest attack! Female Lectors and Catechist. Francis using the dreaded expression..”In the spirit of Vatican II.” I think we know what kind of spirit prevailed in Vatican II. I wonder how come the Protestants don’t hold a conference and invite six traditional Catholic Priest to write a Service that would appealing Catholics? Sorry, just playing devil’s Advocate. When we have a new Pope
    I pray we can have TrentII and doctrinally correct all these errors.

  6. Not says:

    Great insight Hilltop.

  7. Sportsfan says:

    “What unmitigated temerity from clerics, who judge the TLM without ever having celebrated one for people.”

    Or for God.

  8. I’m thinking was told to say what he did. Being a good party man, he fell in line else he’d be on his way to Nuncio in Baghdad or East Timor.

    Or not. Self-preservation at the expense of one’s character is not unheard of from functionaries eager to satisfy the ‘boss’ or weathervane with the perceived winds of change.

  9. Sonshine135 says:

    Does anyone truly wonder why the laity has such a problem looking to the clergy for virtue? Weathervanes have done more than the lions share of turning Catholics into the tepid shell of something they once were. We’ve gone from A Man For All Seasons to A Man Who Changes With The Seasons.

  10. Joe in Canada says:

    my prediction: a new edition of the Novus Ordo Roman Missal, with ‘clarifications’ to eliminate the possibility of ad orientem and Latin. and in English with a new Our Father and a reversion of the translation changes of Pope Benedict. maybe even some ‘provisional’ nuptial blessings (wink wink)

  11. Midwest St. Michael says:

    Joe in Canada,

    I think you are on to something. In fact, the youtuber “Return to Tradition” has a video out today that made this same prediction.

  12. Legisperitus says:

    Personally, I am all over Fr. Hunwicke’s new terms for the two forms of the Roman Rite, Usus Authenticus and Usus Deterior.

  13. Gabriel Syme says:

    The British Catholic journalist, Damian Thompson, is a savage critic of Roche and claimed that when he was Bishop of Leeds (England) he went out of his way to thwart Summorum Pontificum. So safe to say he never celebrated the TLM.

    Apparently Roche dislikes Thompson in return after the latter revealed that, in his youth, Roche was a champion figure skater.

    Excellent point Father, about these “weathervane” Prelates, completely lacking in principal. I believe the majority of the hierarchy fall into that category today, they have no principal they are just careerists.

    There are many examples, but of course some noble exceptions too.

  14. ReadingLad says:

    What seems so sad to me is that almost everything that ++Roche says in the 2015 video, I could sign up to… But if I’m required to accept that the Missal of Paul VI is valid (which I do, under the usual conditions), then by an entirely symmetrical argument, adherents of that Rite must accept the TLM as an equally valid expression of true Catholic belief.

    Would that we could move forward from that premise.

    BTW, Gaetano, we are at war with Oceania – we always have been, and always will be…until my typing is revealed as Badthink.

  15. Elizabeth D says:

    I saw a video of him recently stating Pope Francis’ position in strong terms and it just seemed so, I don’t know, so “Baghdad Bob.”


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