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Be proactive! Learning opportunities: Augustine’s Confessions and Latin

One thing that COVID-1984 Theatre has done is accelerated the refinement of distance viewing and learning, for example of Masses/Hours (e.g., Saint-N-du-Chard., et al. including a rather cleric) and courses (e.g. Robert Royal’s Augustine’s Confessions – JUST STARTING – HURRY!). … Read More

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Do you follow the incomparable Eccles?

Do you folks follow the incomparable Eccles?  His latest is sheer brilliance. He sends up a hyper-papalatrous site today, which he has restyled Where Pacha Is, and concludes…. No. You can read it yourself and laugh and laugh.  HERE To … Read More

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LAWLER: “And then came Francis.”

At Catholic Culture, the perspicacious Phil Lawler makes a good point about the premises of the severely cruel Plessy v. Ferguson legacy document of the Era of Francis. The backward logic of Traditionis Custodes Insofar as Traditionis Custodes provides any … Read More

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