Daily Rome Shot 593, etc. video and a BOOK suggestion

Lit for a wedding.  Common in Rome. Hardly anyone goes to Mass, but they all want fancy wedding photos.

And… the fussing wedding guy was in the way for a bit.

Black to move and mate in 6.

NB: I may hold comments with puzzle solutions a little longer than others so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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And this is now available.  I am just getting into it.

Does Traditionis Custodes Pass the Juridical Rationality Test?

by Fr. Réginald-Marie Rivoire FSVF and Fr. William Barker FSSP


This looks at Francis’ bitterly cruel, anti-personal document from the point of view of juridical rationality, an essential characteristic of a legal norm.  If a norm is irrational norm, it does not bind.

Copies should be obtained and given to priests, especially those who lean toward traditional, and to bishops perhaps along with a spiritual bouquet.

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