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The Federalist’s reaction to the “Hell’s Bible” hit piece against TLM-going Catholics

A couple weeks back Hell’s Bible (aka NYT) published an airy yet vicious attack piece about Catholics who attended the Traditional Latin Mass.  Apparently, if you go to the Vetus Ordo, you might be a white right-wing extremist of some … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 593, etc. video and a BOOK suggestion

Lit for a wedding.  Common in Rome. Hardly anyone goes to Mass, but they all want fancy wedding photos. And… the fussing wedding guy was in the way for a bit. Black to move and mate in 6. NB: I … Read More

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ADVENCAzT 2022: 02 – Monday 1st Week of Advent: “Wake up!”

A series of short daily podcasts for Advent 2022. Today, Pius Parsch gives over a 10,000 feet over view of all of Advent’s stages. Card. Ratzinger speaks from 1979 about the Romans 13, St Paul’s admonition against the orgies of … Read More

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