Daily Rome Shot 684

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Meanwhile,… white to move and win.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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Pro Chess League resumes tomorrow, 8 March.


However, the 2023 Chessable Masters is 4-7 April and it will be the last time 32-year old Magnus Carlsen completes while holding the title “World Champion”.  He will remain the high rated player in the world and arguably the “GOAT”. He has been World Champion for over a decade. The upcoming world championship match will end by 1 May and either China’s Ding Liren or Russia’s Ian Nepomniachtchi will hold the title World Champion. Whether or not they will be able to beat Magnus in tournaments is another matter.

In other news, the Russian Chess Federation (largest in the world – 35K players and 200 GMs) have broken with the European Chess Union and are joining the Asia Chess Federation. It is excepted that some players will break with Russia and will join European groups. Does it make a difference what flag a play plays under? I guess it does for events like the Olympics.

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  1. Dustin F, OCDS says:

    1. Kc4+ Ke6 (or something like it).
    2. Kb4

    Kb4 attacks the rook and leaves it with no moves to escape. Black is losing the rook on the next move no matter what, and the position that follows is fully winning for white.

  2. WVC says:

    I got:
    1. Kc4+ (black then must move his King, but to which of the 4 available squares is inconsequential).
    2. Kb4 – and the Rook is trapped with no one to help.

  3. White to move.

    1. Kc4+ Kc6
    2. Kb4 Rxc3
    3. Kxc3

    If 1. Kc2 … nope.

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