ROME 23/04 – Day 01: Arrival

At last I – we (I am with friends) – are in Rome.

It is April 1 and a 1st Saturday.  The Roman Station was St. John at the Latin Gate.  The sun rose at 6:52 and set at 19;37.  The Ave Maria is supposed to ring at 20:00

Flying in… Lago di Bolsena.  You can see how early in we were.   That makes this first day really hard.

Mass was for Roman Donors.   Donations are still welcome, for they will help me keep my US phone online more often.

Lago Bolsena, north of Rome.

At this hour… no one.

Waiting for my bags.

Very early yet for the little strawberries.

Here they come!  Also a little early.

There are little signs in the streets indicating that someone is not appreciated across the board.

Which drink is mine,

Palms and branches for tomorrow.

Supper. Guesses?

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  1. Curate says:

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’re looking forward to the loads of photos you’ll be posting in the coming days!
    (p.s. I have one of those Curial wall calendars in my office. Any tips on how to tear off the sheets of paper in a clean way? The sides get stuck together so frequently.)

  2. Not says:

    The red drink is yours, don’t want tea or the Pope in the tea cup. Not to be confused with the elf of the shelf. Food Price are worse than here. Your dinner looks delicious. Enjoy the City on the Hill.

  3. Gregg the Obscure says:

    hoping you enjoyed the G&T. it’s about time for one here now

  4. Julia_Augusta says:

    Hope to see you at Trinita dei Pellegrini for the blessing of the Palms, and throughout the week, esp. Tenebrae.

  5. CURATE: Funny you should mention that. In the last two weeks I’ve had the same comment from a couple others, including one on Twitter. I keep a sharp knife with point handy and slide it up the right side and then, putting it in as far as it will reach under the top give the top-glued part a good cut to get I started. Of course you have to peel off the leavings from time to time.

    ALL: The drink on the left was mine.

    The maialino was exquisite.

  6. poohbear says:

    Is there a specific link for Rome donations? I’m not seeing the usual waving flag.

  7. donato2 says:

    For me the photo of an artichoke in Italy brings to mind Cynar. It is a liqueur that objectively seemed to be foul yet I liked it.

  8. The Vicar says:

    That’s porchetta, and technically not a Roman dish. It’s from the hills.

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