ACTION ITEM! New Roman vestments for the parish – UPDATES – Starting to collect the pledges.

UPDATE 22 May 2023

I had an additional consultation with the pastor and the sacristan at the parish and we decided that 7 red sets would be best. I have sent out emails to some (not all) of you who made pledges for vestments suggesting the best way to send the donation. Thanks for not jumping the gun!

We will also be trying to get 4 sets in black. I’ll be sending out notes about that to some of you who made pledges (perhaps not all).

There are some amazing things happening at Ss. Trinità. For example, they finally got something worked out with the government ministry that handles churches (remember that with the “unification” of Italy, all churches were seized by the new government) to work on the façade. When it is finished, it will be amazing. I also heard that they have somehow acquired a spectacular portative organ which should be arriving soon. Also, tomorrow is the Feast of St. Giovanni Battista de Rossi, whose body was in the side altar where I generally say daily Mass, and this week has the Triduum of celebrations for St. Philip Neri (and my anniversary!).

Thanks to the vestment pledgers for your generous spirits! Working together we can do something wonderful for God and the promotion of the Faith through beauty.

UPDATE 14 May 2023

A few items.

First, I’ve received a some notes saying that they, too, would like to donate. Bless your generous hearts.
Second, the pastor of Ss. Trin and another priest and I will meet on Wednesday to work on the details of what comes after red. We need all to be on the same page.
Third, if there is some project that needs a little more ooompfing with dough, we might open this back up again.

Let me get all my horsies in a row.

♞ ♞ ♞ ♞ ♞ ♞ ♞

Again… don’t send money for this yet.  (Of course you can always send money to me!)

UPDATE 13 May 2023

There are quite a few pledges.  I posted more info, below.  For now, however, STOP!  I have to sort things out.

And do NOT send money yet!   I’ll be in touch individually.



___ Originally posted on May 12, 2023 at 05:37

Update on the Vestments Project for Parish, Ss. Trinità dei Pellegrini.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the most immediate need at my adoptive Roman parish is for several sets of red vestments.

Apart from the set I showed you before, that has holes worn through the maniple and pianeta (the “chasuble” of a Roman style set), today I had this.

This shouldn’t be used on a daily basis.  It is 19th c. and has some historic value.  But it is coming apart.

Notice that the trim is three different styles now from different repairs.

It doesn’t have a matching chalice veil.

No.  Just… no.

¡Hagan lío!

My estimates from Gammarelli have resulted in a good solution.   We should get six matching Roman sets in RED for the six side altars for simultaneous use.  I had the idea to put my own coat of arms on all of them, but that would be … excessive.  I’ll have one of them made with my arms.  I’ll use it when I am around and some other poor priest will be forced to think of me when I’m not.   Heh.

Right now the dollar is pretty strong against the euro.

A Roman set in silk blend with column braid will cost, and I am rounding up a little to cover any outliers and change of exchange: $775.   One will cost more because of the stemma, $850.  Six (there are six side altars – one pianeta with stemma): $4725.

I don’t want to pull the trigger until I know the money is there.


What would really help is for the larger donors (like, e.g., for one or more whole sets) to pitch in first.  This will reduce the complexity of this project a great deal.

So, if you want to participate write me a note with “NEW VESTMENTS for Ss. Trinità” in the subject.  Tell me how much you want to contribute.  I’ll start a “thermometer”.  I’ll figure out the collection process once I get Gammarelli started.

To cut down on spam attacks or knucklehead mail, the form below has a two step process.  Fill out the form.  You will have to verify that your email is a real email.  After that, I’ll get your message.

Please include your ADDRESS…. ADDRESS… ADDRESS…. thanks.


I’ve heard from:


As you can see, there is quite a lot pledged.   DON’T SEND MONEY YET.  I’ll be in touch.  I’ll probably work my way backwards from the larger pledges and figure out what can be done.

That aside… you readers are fantastic.  You amaze me every time I bring up a project like for the parish or for myself.  Thank you.

So, for now at least, STOP.  I have some sorting to do.



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  1. codycarver says:

    Message I got when making our pledge

    “*** Forbidden. Contains contacts. ***

  2. Sandy says:

    Happy Anniversary, Father! The angels and Mother Mary watch over you and bring you abundant blessings!

  3. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    “For example, they finally got something worked out with the government ministry that handles churches (remember that with the “unification” of Italy, all churches were seized by the new government) to work on the façade. ”

    I wonder if this had the effect of restraining the disordered concupisciences of any post-Conciliar wrecking crews. From where I hail, “historical landmark” designations managed to save a couple of very pretty French mission churches.

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