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Fr Hans Küng, R.I.P.

Pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Hans Küng, dead at the age of 93. Küng did untold damage to the Church and the identity of Catholics through his persistent cage-match with heresy.  He was forbidden to teach … Read More

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Küng calls for – wait for it – DISSENT!

When I see articles about Fr. Hans Küng, I am tempted simply to make popcorn and enjoy the show. Question to the readers: How long will it take before Fishwrap has some piece which refers approvingly to Küng’s latest? Here is a taste … Read More

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Hans Kung on the Beatification: making irony redundant

The NCFishwrap’s editor is advertising a hit piece in The Irish Times: Hans Kung’s reaction to the Beatification of Bl. John Paul II A sample with my emphases: […] In an interview last weekend with German daily the Frankfurter Rundschau … Read More

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Halcyon days

The National Catholic Fishwrap published an encomium of Fr. Hans Küng written by the former editor of The Tablet. It’s kinda sweet, actually. Rather like overhearing three spinsters muse about halcyon days when a cup of coffee cost a nickel … Read More

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