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Fr Hans Küng, R.I.P.

Pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Hans Küng, dead at the age of 93. Küng did untold damage to the Church and the identity of Catholics through his persistent cage-match with heresy.  He was forbidden to teach … Read More

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A story about the ’78 Conclaves that even Andrew Greeley failed to uncover!

As a follow up to what I wrote HERE about the dreadful piece attack piece on Church teaching through undermining infallibility by Hans Küng published by the even more dreadful National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) I received the following from a … Read More

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Fishwrap hypes Küng (still alive, still banned from teaching)

Hans Küng is deeply impressed with Pope Francis. He has issued a plea to Francis to open a discussion about the dogma of infallibility with a view of overturning it. Küng, by the way, thinks that Vatican II didn’t go … Read More

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Of Z-Swag and Hans Küng and stolen vehicles

At the blog Defende nos in proelio there was a great post about what happens when you put Z-Swag on your car. Go over there and spike their traffic.  It involves Fr. Finigan, and a car blessing and a run … Read More

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Küng calls for – wait for it – DISSENT!

When I see articles about Fr. Hans Küng, I am tempted simply to make popcorn and enjoy the show. Question to the readers: How long will it take before Fishwrap has some piece which refers approvingly to Küng’s latest? Here is a taste … Read More

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Hans Küng won’t celebrate 50th of Vatican II, prefers “funeral service”

From The Bitter Pill: Küng misses Vatican II celebration 17 May 2012 Theologian Hans Küng [but not a Catholic  theologian… heh…] has turned down an invitation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council at the German Katholikentag … Read More

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Küng’s Malthusian Moment, observations by Samuel Gregg

The amazing Samuel Gregg of the Acton Institute has a great commentary on the dissenter Fr. Hans Küng, who recently published an “open letter” against the Pope.  Mr. Gregg points out that in his letter Küng resorted to a Malthusian … Read More

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The slapping down of a dissident theologian

The nice folks at First Things… do you subscribe? … have performed a fine public service – and some smile provoking entertainment – in the form of an open letter from George Weigel to none other than, wait for it, … Read More

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Kung claws his way back into the news

I suspect Fr. Kung was getting nervous about not reading his name in the paper for a while, and so he staged another little nutty for the press. German theologian urges bishops to pressure pope By JUERGEN BAETZ (AP) – … Read More

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Aging Hippie Paradise

No… this is not about the offices of the NCR. It is actually about a rap music song. I have always thought that rap did for music what S&M did for romance… but I digress. I came by a rap … Read More

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