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Rage over Card. McCarrick and Total War

I had this note from a priestly reader: Thank you for drawing attention to the Mme Defarge rhetoric of the Left (Catholic and otherwise) and for pointing out the danger of letting the Left provoke us also into a lynch … Read More

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Can Catholics preserve, for our own flock, true marriage?

One of the reasons I go on and on about a renewal of liturgical worship is without such a renewal, there can be no renewal of Catholic identity.  And if we don’t have a strong Catholic identity within the Church, … Read More

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Mr Hoopes replys to Mr Zmirak’s reply to Mr. Hoopes’s reply to Mr. Zmirak

Literature is full of re Mr. John Zmirak started this here.  Tom Hoopes responded. Zmirak responded to Hoopes.  My role?  just think of me as "Fr. Tom Servo" commenting on the whole thing. I posted on first pieces and in … Read More

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Zmirak responds to Hoopes, Fr. Z does Liturgy Science Theatre 3000

There is a bloggy debate going on between Mr. Zmirak and Mr. Hoopes.  Rather, it turned into a debate. Zmirak started the ball rolling it with a piece in Inside Catholic.  Hoopes responded on the National Catholic Register.  I posted … Read More

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“Go back to Hell. Our Church belongs to Christ.”

You’ve got to love an article that winds up with the tag: And by changing back the flag, by taking back our Mass, we are saying: Go back to Hell. Our Church belongs to Christ. OORAH! An article on why … Read More

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