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Olympics Day 4-5: Running and stuff

I continue to follow Volley Ball and Handball, Table Tennis and a bit of Badminton. There were some great shooting competitions yesterday.   This is .22 cal at 50m and the target is only about 6 inches in diameter. They have to … Read More

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Summer Olympics and You

So, the 2016 Summer Olympics are upon us. The opening ceremony is tonight. There are various controversies going on. Controversies aside, are you going to watch any of the events? For my part, I’ll use my DVR to record swathes … Read More

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1 August: Long-Awaited Olympic Hyper-Excitment Sporting UPDATE!

You are probably about to clamor for updates in TEAM HANDBALL. Actually, it’s FIELD HOCKEY today. But first, remember this? I do! [wp_youtube]CVFWEhqUAPw[/wp_youtube] Remember what happened next?  I do. The Men: The Women:

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Olympic Games’ Opening Ceremony: Blech.

I loathe TV commercials.  But last night, during the short amount of my life which I will never have back, I thought the commercials were better than the Olympic Games’ Opening Ceremony. I tuned in the first time while they … Read More

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