4-5 Nov – USA – CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS – “Fall Back!”

In these USA we drop Daylight Savings Time TONIGHT.

If you are in a region where your clocks fall back tonight then


Mass will start on time whether you are there or not….

…. unless you are the priest, of course.

But… that has its problems too.



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2 Responses to 4-5 Nov – USA – CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS – “Fall Back!”

  1. JuliB says:

    The most important clocks in my life are connected to the internet, so I no longer worry about it. Even my car is connected.

  2. Penta says:

    This is old and trite but I’ll say it because someone really should: Take this cue. Check your smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms. Check the batteries. The life you save really could be your own.