Sad. Former SSPX Bp. Williamson consecrates a bishop. Both now excommunicated.

Former SSPX Bp. Williamson consecrated another bishop. They both have incurred the late sententiae excommunication foreseen in Canon Law.

The SSPX issued an official statement HERE:

On March 19, 2015, Bishop Richard Williamson performed the episcopal consecration of Fr. Jean-Michel Faure at the Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Cross in Nova Friburgo, Brazil.

Bishop Williamson and Fr. Faure have not been members of the Society of St. Pius X since 2012 and 2014, respectively, [NB] because of their violent criticisms of any relations with the Roman authorities. According to them, such contacts were incompatible with the apostolic work of Archbishop Lefebvre. [I suspect that Lefebvre would be horrified.]

The Society of St. Pius X regrets sincerely that this spirit of opposition has led to an episcopal consecration. [May the come soon to regret other spirits of opposition.] In 1988 Archbishop Lefebvre had clearly indicated his intention to consecrate auxiliary bishops [NB] who would have no jurisdiction, because of the state of necessity in which the Society of St. Pius X and faithful Catholics found themselves at that time. His sole goal was to make available to the faithful the sacraments which priests ordained by the bishops would offer.  [There is no question that Holy Orders, Mass and baptisms and confirmations are valid.] After having done everything conceivable to gain permission from the Holy See, Archbishop Lefebvre proceeded with the solemn consecrations on June 30, 1988 before several thousand priests and faithful and hundreds of journalists from around the world. It was abundantly clear from all the circumstances that, despite the lack of authorization from Rome, this action done in the most public manner was for the good of the Church and of souls. [It was not abundantly clear… but read on.]

The Society of St. Pius X denounces this episcopal consecration of Fr. Faure, which, despite the assertions of both clerics concerned, is not at all comparable to the consecrations of 1988. [True.] All the declarations of Bishop Williamson and Fr. Faure prove abundantly that they no longer recognize the Roman authorities, except in a purely rhetorical manner.  [Like admitting that Francis is indeed Pope, and then not submitting to his authority?  Say his name in the Roman Canon and put a photo up?  What do they do, exactly?]

The Society of St. Pius X still maintains that the present state of necessity renders legitimate its action throughout the world, without denying the legitimate authority of those for whom it continues to pray at every Mass. [The Roman Pontiff and, I suppose, the local bishop.  I wonder: Do the priests of the SSPX include the name of the local diocesan bishop in the Canon during Mass?] The Society intends to continue its work of priestly formation according to its statutes. It has every intention to keep the deposit of the Faith and the purity of the Church’s moral teaching, in opposition to errors, from wherever they may come, in order to pass on such Faith and morals in the traditional liturgy and by preaching, in accordance with the missionary spirit of its founder: Credidimus caritati [1 John 4:16].

Menzingen, March 19, 2015

I pray that Williamson and the other fellow will be reconciled before they die.

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20 March: Total Eclipse of the Sun AND Aurora Borealis

From SpaceWeather:

ARCTIC ECLIPSE: On March 20th, the first day of northern spring, Arctic sky watchers could witness something rare and wonderful:  Northern Lights during a total eclipse of the sun.  Earth’s magnetic field is reverberating from a CME strike on March 17th that sparked the strongest geomagnetic storm of the current solar cycle.  Days after the impact, auroras are still dancing around the Arctic Circle.  Those auroras could emerge in “broad daylight” this Friday when the new Moon passes in front of the Arctic sun, producing a total eclipse visible from Svalbard, the Faroe Islands, and many ships at sea.  Visit for a preview and updates during the eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse viewed through Aurora Borealis near the Arctic?

How cool is that?

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John Allen, Crux, and Why 1 Million Catholics Don’t Matter

John L. Allen, Jr. at Crux wrote about the SSPX and the former SSPX Bp. Williamson, a renegade who has by now consecrated another bishop.

There is something pretty chilling in Allen’s tone, when you read him carefully.  You’ll see what I mean.

Here the title, and then I’ll skip down:

Why détente between Rome and traditionalists was always a pipe dream


[… there’s a LOT to take exception to in the top part of the article, but this is where Mr. Allen really shows how that segment of the Church thinks….]


The head of the society, Bishop Bernard Fellay, is viewed as a realist who sees his movement’s future eventually in coming in from the cold. His freedom of action, however, has been constrained by the more intransigent elements in the fold.

It’s conceivable that without Williamson and his following, Fellay may be able to move more boldly. [HEY! Williamson has been out of the SSPX since 2012!  But who would expect the MSM to get this right.  After all, these are just a bunch of kooks, right?  Hardly worth the time.]

[This is where you need to pay attention!] One might wonder why any of this matters to the Vatican. The Society of St. Pius X claims a global following of around 1 million, which, if true, would represent .01 percent of the full Catholic population of 1.2 billion. [.1%] Investing resources in trying to lure such a relative footnote back might seem disproportionate.


“relative footnote“?  “disproportionate“?   Right… it’s only a million people.

There’s more, along with Allen’s strange moral equivalence between traditionalists and the terrorist Yasser Arafat, and, later on, conjectures based on his assumption about SSPX being schism, yadda yadda.  Whatever.  I, too, am not super optimistic these day about what might happen between the Holy See and the SSPX.  I’d like to think that a Pope for the “peripheries” might show some mercy and compassion but I won’t hold my breath.

The take away from Allen’s piece is that 1 million followers of the SSPX – or, I suppose, all others who stay close to our Catholic tradition – don’t merit attention or pastoral care from the Church.

That’s like saying that they don’t count.  They’re nobodies.

Could anyone get away with saying that about any other marginalized group in the Church?

Apply that to pet groups of the marginalized whom liberals lionize and see how they react.

Divorced and civilly remarried who actually still go to church regularly and want to receive Communion? Nah, they’re a tiny number compared to the universal Church of over 1 billion.  They don’t merit our resources and time.  Active open homosexuals who denounce the Church’s teaching concerning morals but who go to Mass regularly and want to receive Communion?  Nah, there aren’t many of them.  We shouldn’t waste our resources.   Wacky women religious into cosmic consciousness and moving beyond the Church with their dying orders and institutes?  Nah, not many of them left, so let’s put our resources somewhere else.

Within the Church, the only “periphery” that matters are those which either explicitly reject Catholic tradition or who have no contact with it.

Could some Cardinal please argue for a “tolerated but not accepted” status for Catholics who embrace the Catholic tradition?

Moderation queue is ON


Fr. Thomas Rosica, who has in the past threatened to sue a Canadian blogger, immediately piled on by retweeting Allen’s link. HERE

Moderation queue is ON

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Holy League

There is a new initiative which you should know about.   My friend Fr. Richard Heilman is involved, as is His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke.


For more information you can also text keyword EPIC to 84576 (I think that might be only for these USA).

Here is the video.

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OLDIE PODCAzT: St. Joseph: a hymn dissected & sermon of Bernardine of Siena

Back in 2009 I made a PODCAzT about the hymn sung in the Liturgy of Hours in honor of St. Joseph.

082 09-03-19 St. Joseph: a hymn dissected & sermon of Bernardine of Siena

Check it out!


Happy Name Day Holy Father!

In this rapid PODCAzT, we will drill into a beautiful Gregorian chant hymn to St. Joseph in the Liturgia Horarum, the Liturgy of the Hours.

The hymn is Te, Ioseph celebrent and it is in the Liber Hymnarius for 1st and 2nd Vespers for the Feast of St. Joseph.

Also we listen to an indulgenced prayer written by Pope Leo XIII, Ad Te Ioseph.

Finally, we hear St. Bernardine of Siena (+1444) preach on our Patron of the Universal Church who is Patron of the dying.

Sing along with the hymns! Buy a Liber Hymnarius!

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Dear Traditionalists,…

Two years ago today I posted this. I haven’t changed my mind one little bit. Not an iota.

I had this from a reader. He said he was not advocating these things. However, liberals will advocate them.

I’ve got some other suggestions.  But first the wacky liberal stuff:

I have an idea for a blog topic – how about brainstorming with your readers on the top 10 changes that Pope Francis will make that will shock the Church and the world. I would orient the discussion around the Pope’s “vision” that the Church is for the poor and should itself be poor. For example, here are some ideas I had:

1) Pope Francis will live at the Lateran Basilica as an example that he will live a simple life away from the Vatican.
2) Pope Francis will allow the ordination of women deacons in service to the poor.
3) Pope Francis will sell the Vatican Museums to a private company and give the proceeds to the poor.
4) Pope Francis will get a petition from the English speaking bishops and will rescind use of the 2010 RM because the language is too complicated.
5) Pope Francis will repudiate Humanae Vitae since too many children tends to perpetuate poverty.

Yep. This is precisely what liberals will push for, hopelessly. [In fact, they are pushing for some pretty subversive thing, but I don’t think they will get their way.  That doesn’t mean that there won’t be a lot of damage.]

What do I think we should push for?

As many celebrations of the older form of the Roman Rite as possible in as many places as possible as soon as possible.

It’s ‘grind it out’ time.

I am getting some defeatist email.

Those of you who want the older form of the liturgy, and all that comes with it, should…

1) Work with sweat and money to make it happen. If you thought you worked hard before?   Been at this a long time?  HAH!  Get to work!  “Oooo! It’s tooo haaard!”  BOO HOO!

2) Get involved with all the works of charity that your parishes or groups sponsor. Make a strong showing. Make your presence known. If Pope Francis wants a Church for the poor, then we respond, “OORAH!!” The “traditionalist” will be second-to-none in getting involved.  “Dear Father… you can count on the ‘Stable Group of TLM Petitioners-For-By-Now-Several-Months” to help with the collection of clothing for the poor!  Tell us what you need!”

3) Pray and fast and give alms. Think you have been doing that? HAH!  Think again.  If you love, you can do more.

4) Form up and get organized.  You can do this.  Find like minded people and get that request for the implementation of Summorum Pontificum together, how you will raise the money to help buy the stuff the parish will need and DO IT.  Make a plan. Find people. Execute!

5) Get your ego and your own petty little personal interpretations and preferences of how Father ought to wiggle his pinky at the third word out of the way.  It is team-work time.  If we don’t sacrifice individually, we will stay divided and we won’t achieve our objectives.

At the midway point of SEAL training, BUD/S, there is a “Hell Week” to see how much you want it to keep going.

Do you want this?  Do you?  Or, when you don’t get what you want handed to you, are you going to whine about it and then blame others?

The legislation is in place.  The young priests and seminarians are dying to get into this stuff.  Give them something to do.

And to those of you will you blurt out “But Father! But Father!… I don’t like your militaristic imagery”… in order to derail the entry, here’s a new image from your own back yard.

Pope Benedict gave you, boys and girls, over the course of his 8 years, a beautiful new bicycle!  He gave you a direction, some encouragement, a snow cone, and a running push.  Now, take off the training wheels and RIDE THE DAMN BIKE!


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LENTCAzT 30: Thursday of the 4th Week of Lent

LENTCAzT15Today is Thursday of the 4th Week of Lent.


How long has it been?

Here is another 5 minute daily podcast for Lent.  They are intended to give you a small boost every day, a little encouragement in your own use of this holy season.

I am providing these again this year especially in gratitude to benefactors who help me and this blog.

In this podcast you hear music from the wonderful Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. HERE

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NOTICE: Server Upgrades

I received a note that, in the near future, the servers that the blog lives on will be upgraded.

This may create some down time.

So you know….


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LENTCAzT 29: Wednesday of the 4th Week of Lent

LENTCAzT15Today is Wednesday of the 4th Week of Lent, Laetare Sunday.

Sorry, this was scheduled to post hour ago but, for some reason, it missed the scheduled time!


How long has it been?

Here is another 5 minute daily podcast for Lent.  They are intended to give you a small boost every day, a little encouragement in your own use of this holy season.

I am providing these again this year especially in gratitude to benefactors who help me and this blog.

In this podcast you hear music from the wonderful Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. HERE

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A rapid surge of interest in priestly vocations in the Diocese of…

A while back I posted about the surge of vocations in the Diocese of Madison under the influence of the Extraordinary Ordinary, Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, the diocesan bishop.  It’s a small diocese, but there are more than 30 outstanding men in formation.  This fact has made liberals quiver with anxiety.

I received a note from a friend of mine in New York state who is well situated to hear all manner of news.

The vocations office in Albany has gone from zero to 120 inquiries from young men of the area.

My first reaction is to say, with Henry, “Let there be sung Non nobis and Te Deum“.

Next, I say, “Yep.  This isn’t rocket science.”

Then, I say, “What do you want to bet that none of these men have subscriptions to the National Schismatic Reporter?”

Finally, I remind the readers what I posted the other day.  HERE  The new bishop of Albany, Most Rev. Edward Scharfenberger celebrated Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form in his Cathedral recently.  This was the 1st time Mass has been celebrated in Albany’s Cathedral in decades.

Let’s be clear.  I am not suggesting that there is an immediate connection between saying a Pontifical Mass and a sudden increase in vocations, though I think that the fact of the Mass will be helpful for prompting vocations in the future.  I think that, if the numbers are accurate, men are reacting to a new style, a new vision which the new bishop has brought in.   Part of that new style and vision now includes willingness to celebrate Holy Mass also in the Extraordinary Form.   He is a both/and bishop.

Fr. Z kudos to Bp. Scharfenberger.

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