Blog Awards – where’s that Bugatti?

You veteran readers of WDTPRS recall that I was supposed to get a Bugatti Veyron for one of those award things last year.  Remember?  Vincenzo caught a photo from last year.

This year, since there don’t seem to be any award badges for the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards … well… I want a new Veryon.  And I want this one:



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  1. PAT says:

    Father, the 2008 award buttons are here:

    There are buttons for both Nominee and Winner.

  2. Jason W. says:



  3. Steve says:

    That’s a sweet ride, Padre! When I hit that powerball, it’s yours!

  4. Tim Ferguson says:

    and Father, if you get that car, I want to see you in a black cassock with a flowing black ferraiolo, a black biretta and a giant red R, for Rubricman, emblazoned on your chest.

    Of course, Rubricman would need a sidekick – perhaps Verger?

  5. A.Williams says:

    You don’t need ONE…. you need two of them! One for each side of the Atlantic. This way you can always be on time helping out at the TLM’s when needed. It’s kind of like if someone ‘back in the day’ gave St. Paul a speed boat for his missionary travels!

    …and maybe the Vatican can throw in free parking for all your hard work! : )

  6. Phil says:

    At top speed that beauty need 2.5 miles of clear road to get back to a standstill, not something that would be advisable in Roman traffic (or anywhere else for that matter, even in Germany where such a speed is legal).

    But it would be great if you got one, Father! :)

  7. bryan says:

    Well…if you can set your sights a little lower, I can build something just as exclusive for a lot less…I have enough extra parts to do so…just check out to see an affordable sports car…

    I’ll even paint it red and black for you…>:)

  8. Kim Poletto says:

    I wonder how many miles per gallon it gets?

  9. Flambeaux says:


    According to Wikipedia’s listing for the Bugatti Veyron 16.4:

    The Veyron consumes more fuel than any other production car, using 40.4 L/100 km (5.82 mpg) in city driving and 24.1 L/100 km (10 mpg) in combined cycle. At full throttle, it uses more than 125 L/100 km (2.1 mpg), which would empty its 100 L (26.4 gallon) fuel tank in just 12 minutes.

  10. Henry Edwards says:

    The Veyron consumes more fuel than any other production car

    I wonder whether this is the model of which Bill Gates and Paul Allen bought a matched pair, but then allegedly were never able to get them out of the warehouse in San Francisco, because they were never able to get them certified to meet California’s fuel consumption and/or emission standards.

  11. Flambeaux says:


    I don’t think so as Simon Cowell was photographed driving his around SoCal just the other day.

    It may have been another car…but that’s a story I hadn’t heard.

    I’m rather idly wondering if everyone who reads this blog dropped a few bucks into Fr. Z’s collection plate if he could actually accrue enough money to afford the (roughly) $1.2 million vehicle. Not that he would then have money for taxes and fuel, to say nothing of insurance. But could his readers hit that goal?

    I just wonder…

  12. Flambeaux: But could his readers hit that goal?

    Oh! Bless you!

  13. Flambeaux says:

    Well the arithmetic is simple enough, Father. 8D

    If you have, on average, 100K unique readers a week that could drop $10 into the plate, you’d be very close.

    I’m just sayin’.

  14. From your keyboard to reader’s thoughts!

  15. Angels_Stole_My_Phonebox says:

    I just watched ‘Top Gear’ today, where they raced a bugatti against a fighter jet lol. The fighter jet just about won…

  16. Does it come with optional donkey ears?

  17. Father: I think I’m the one who started that Bugatti thing. I’m glad to see you aren’t obsessing about it-LOL!

    Oh, BTW, you are not planning to bless your own car, are you? I seem to recall you saying once that any car you’ve ever blessed ends up in an accident…That’s a lot of money for your readers to raise, not once, but twice….


  18. Richard T says:

    A Blogatti?


  19. CPKS says:

    Fr Z has obviously never heard of the Bristol Fighter. More exclusive and much more practical.

  20. irishgirl says:

    Oooo, Father Z-that is one sweet-looking set of wheels!

    And kudos to Vincenzo for his photo!

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