Art Bell to convert? Obvious!

I understand from Amy Welborn’s über-blog that Art Bell dediced he wants to convert.  He married a woman from the Philippines.

It makes perfect sense!  Not only should all people become Catholic, it will now be far easier to score interviews with Vatican assassin vampires.

I would tell you all more about this, but then I’d have to…. well… you know the drill.

Biretta tips to Amy and Lofted Nest    o{]:¬)

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  1. Joseph says:


    I was listening to THAT show where Art Bell announced the beginning of his conversion! His words regarding his first
    Catholic Mass were as follows:

    “This past Sunday I went to my first Catholic Mass and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

    Bell was obviously a little hesitant to broadcast this over the radio but, you know, I’m very glad he did, most especially
    given how he described his first Mass. There is, and I believe it’s unique to Catholicism, the encounter with divine beauty.

  2. And nothing about the Vatican’s secret order of vampire assassins?

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