Kudos to Valle Adurni

You must go over to Valle Adurni for the blow by blow description, with pictures, of the Papal Coronation of John XXIII. There are some VERY funny editorial comments interspersed with Father’s descriptions of the ceremonies:

After the Holy Father’s Latin sermon, he stands to intone the Credo (pic3). This is enthusiastically taken up by the Capella Sistina who, (pic4) are now caught by the camera in their gallery near the altar, protected by a screen, as you can see, from the bottles, tomatoes &c flung by the music-lovers below.

Kudos to this guy and his project!


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  1. Andrew says:

    Does anyone know where one can obtain a copy of the video of the coronation.

    I kinda feel cheated now after seeing those photos and looking at, what is by comparison, the rather bland “inaugural mass” of Benedict XVI.

    All under the false pretense of “noble simplicity”…

  2. Paul Haley says:

    Photos are not showing up on my system; others do with no problem. Anyone have a fix for this? Running Microsoft XP Home, latest version, and MSN

  3. animadversor says:

    Mr. Haley,

    When I read this blog in my newsfeed aggregator (SharpReader), sometimes I don’t see the images, but when I read it in my browser, I can then see them. What application are you using to read the blog?

  4. Paul Haley says:

    Using MSN Explorer as the browser.

  5. Paul Haley says:

    Firefox browser works but I’d like to know why MSN Explorer has a problem parding this page.

  6. Paul Haley says:

    ‘scuse please, I meant parsing not parding.

  7. Paul Haley says:

    Re: previous concern about parsing .jpg files on the MSN Explorer. An interesting thing happened when I checked the properties of the file in question (an html link to a .jpg file), then cut and pasted the link into the “goto” section of the browser and it showed perfectly. When I returned to the WDTPRS page, it showed perfectly as well. So, there’s a fix but shouldn’t have to go thru that rigamarole to see the link. Guess my experience as a software tester did come in handy afterall. Cheers.

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