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Vatican premiere of “The Nativity Story” movie

I attended tonight the world premiere of the new film “The Nativity Story”. It was shown to a full house in the Paul VI audience hall in the Vatican. Having the premiere of a film like this was a first … Read More

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WSJ: sub-optimal article on Pope Benedict

I usually like the Wall Street Journal and I read it often, especially the opinion page. However, the WSJ has an article on the Holy Father right now that really misses the mark, both in its quality of writing and … Read More


“…he supervised the translation of many of the liturgical texts…”

When I first began the WDTPRS series, I got some snarky hate mail from whiners saying things like, "How DARE you ciriticize the translation? How DARE you translate liturgy prayers? After all they were done by EXPERTS!!" I would always … Read More


Solemnity of Christ the King: COLLECT (2)

The first objective of our participation in the Church’s sacred rites is to praise God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and give God glory. Liturgical and Biblical Latin is rich with words and phrases which exalt and express praise of God. In fact, the concepts of “glory” and “majesty” are nearly interchangeable in this light. We, on the one hand, render up honor and glory to God in a way external to God. On the other hand, glory and majesty are also divine attributes which we in no way give Him, which He has – or rather is – in Himself by His nature. When we come into His presence, even in the contact we have with Him through the Church’s sacred mysteries, His divine attribute of splendor or glory or majesty, whatever you will, has the power to transform us. His majestic glory changes us. So, it is right to translate these lofty sounding attributions for God when we raise our voices in the Church’s official cult. Read More

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