3 Dec: Benedict’s Sunday Angelus

I haven’t yet reviewed the Holy Father’s words in last night’s 1st Vespers ceremony, but here is what he said today during his Angelus address about Advent. 

He first spoke about his visit to Turkey and then segued into Advent (my translation and emphasis):

In Advent the liturgy gives us assurance and repeats often, almost as if to overcome our nature mistrust, that God "comes": He comes in order to be with us in our every circumstance; He comes to dwell in our midst, to live with us and in us; He comes to fill up the distances which divide us; He comes to reconcile us with Himself and with each other.  He comes in the history of humanity, to knock upon the door of every man and woman of good will, to bring to every individual, family and people the gift of fraternity, of concord and of peace.  For this Advent is the preeminent time of hope, when believers in Christ are invited to remain in vigilant and industrious expectation, nourished by prayer and effective diligence of love.  May the approach of the Birth of Christ fill the heart of all Christians with joy, serenity and peace.

To live this period of Advent in a more genuine and fruitful way, the liturgy exorts us to look to Mary Most Holy, and ideally to journey with her toward the grotto of Bethlehem.  When God knocked upon the door of her young life, She welcomed Him with faith and love.  In a few days we will contemplate the luminous mystery of her Immaculate Conception.  Let us be always attracted by her beauty, the reflection of divine glory, so that "the God who comes" may find in each one of us a heart both good and open which He can fill it abundantly with His gifts.

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