To all WDTPRSers: thanks, some info, and a few tips

Thanks for your huge full, conscious and active participation here and your support.

I have gotten lots of e-mail for years, but it is rapidly getting to the point where I can’t read it, much less answer. 

Many of you are sending hot tips and links, interesting documents and observations.   I am grateful.  They are useful!

Others are asking for information, sometimes detailed answers and explanations.  I am swamped.  Don’t hold your breath.

If you write, for whatever reason, and I don’t answer, don’t be alarmed or offended.  I am seeing nearly everything that comes in, mirabile dictu!

TIPS for Writing E-Mail to Fr. Z:

1) Be sure to type out a sound and relevant subject in the e-mail subject line.   If you send something without a subject at all, or one so generic (My favorite: "a question") that I or my filters (set on super-hyper-I hate spam-paranoid level) can’t see instantly that you are not a perv, bot or schmendrick, your e-mail will be deleted unread and I will not feel a shred of remorse.  When I hit DELETE, I smile.

2) If you write it to me, it is MINE!  I can do anything I want with it, including – ignore it.   Remember, writing an e-mail is an invitation I may decline, not an obligation I must shoulder.  I will generally accept e-mail in the spirit it is sent. 

3) Keep it really really short.  And don’t be surprised if I write really really short responses, if I write at all.

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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