A Brief Fr. Z roundup

My flight from the USA to the UK went without a hitch, until I put my feet on terra firma at Gatwick.  The line for passport control took 1.5 hours, which was both unusual and pretty annoying.

I am presently with Fr. Finigan of The Hermeneutic of Continuity in Blackfen.

Yesterday, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, we celebrated here a very nice solemn Mass with two priest friends, of the Diocese of Southwark, as deacon and subdeacon.  Fr. Finigan was celebrant.  I was asked to preach. 

There was a fairly sound small schola cantorum for the proper chants for the day.  Some of the chant was accompanied by organ, which I am not convinced is always necessary.  The Mass itself was well executed, and the sacred ministers obviously knew what they were about.  It was well-attended given its time at midday.  Afterwards there was a pleasant reception in the parish hall.

I attempted to record my sermon, but I can’t now get it off my digital recorder.  There is some sort of file error.  So… I may not be able to give you the audio, alas.  I will try to post the text in a separate entry later, if I can resolve my technical problems of getting my own notebook connected to the parish’s router.  Grrrr.  I also has some photos to share, but I will need to get my own computer connected before I can upload them.  Double Grrrr.

In the evening Fr. Finigan and I took the tube into central London and attended, in choir, the solemn Mass at the Brompton Oratory.  The music was splendid polyphony by a mixed choir. I am not sure what the Mass setting was.  The ceremonies were very well coordinated.  Afterwards there was a well-attended reception.  I had the great good fortune to meet quite a few people who read this blog.

So far, this trip – aside from the jet lag and connectivity problems – can be characterized by beautiful traditional liturgy, vigorous Catholic faith on the part of all whom I am meeting, wonderful hospitality and sunny weather.

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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    If you get a chance, pass on greetings to Fr. Steven Fisher, a priest of Southwark and a strong supporter of the usu antiquor. He’s at St. Ethelbert-St. Gertrude in Ramsgate, and was a classmate in my canonical studies.

  2. Irulats says:

    Ireland next father, please!

  3. Fr Andrew Wadsworth says:

    Dear Father,
    It was lovely to see you last night at the Oratory on such a happy and long-awaited day.
    I do hope you will be able to visit us at Harrow sometime soon.
    As ever,
    Fr Andrew Wadsworth.

  4. Irulats: All that’s needed is to have the priest or approved group send the invitation, cover the usual expenses, and that I have an open spot in the calendar.

  5. Fr. Wadsworth: I was delighted to see you again as well! It would be my great pleasure to visit Harrow. Let’s stay in touch about that.

    I am beginning to regret I scheduled such a short trip!

  6. Irulats says:

    Father Z: I’m on the case!

  7. Andrew says:

    Ecce quam bonum et quam jucundum, habitare fratres in unum!

  8. Londiniensis says:

    It was so good to hear your sermon, Father Z (Zee not Zed, ha ha), and to have the chance to meet you twice on the 14th, at Blackfen and at Brompton Oratory. I hope that you can resolve the technical glitches and give us another chance to hear (or read) your sermon – much to “bite” on, much to ponder. Thank you.

    All in all, a great day and a worthy celebration and thanksgiving.

    And, like the victor’s slave at a Roman triumph, greeting all who came to the evening reception, on the landing outside St Wilfrid’s Hall at the Oratory, a maquette of the Los Angeles Our Lady of the Angels to remind us in the midst of our happiness that there is still so much to do …

  9. Londiniensis: a maquette of the Los Angeles Our Lady of the Angels

    O.L of the Klingons.

    It was wonderful to meet you yesterday. Be good!

  10. Vernon says:

    Photos of the evening High Mass at the Oratory are now also online at http://www.traditionalcatholic.org.uk

  11. Weronika says:

    Ask Fr Finigan about the secretion of excess electrons :-)

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