Today were off the Globe Theatre!

The Merchant of Venice is on the boards this afternoon.

This is something I have looked foward to for years.

And it is sunny!

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  1. Do you have to travel incognito?

    Or do they not take authenticity that far?


  2. Ah, yes, I remember playing the small comic role of Old Gobbo when I was in high school. Ridiculous! I wore my grandmother’s dark cataract glasses (think Ray Charles crossed with 1970s Elton John) and used a golf putter for a cane.

  3. Emilio says:

    Samuel, your question reminds me of the English Jesuit of those days who was going bald and feared that his bald spot looked too much like a tonsure for his safety. So he sent a coded message to the General in Rome asking whether he could wear a wig to hide it. “Picture those men risking their lives to carry that correspondence all the way to Rome and back!” The General’s reply was “Yes, but I may not give you leave to wear it after the Sanctus.”

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