Fr. Z roundup from S. England

I am having a delightful time in England, meeting wonderful people and seeing some interesting things.

However, my connectivity to the internet has been nearly total disaster.   In the one brief stretch I was actually able to download anything, I had over 1000 e-mails come in.  Some of those were important.  However, I can’t usually stay connected long enough to get much done.  For example, I have every intention of tearing to quivvering shreads the stupidest of all diocesan statements about Summorum Pontificum I have seen to date: Portsmouth.  I had it waiting for me in my e-mail box several days ago.

People were talking about the Portsmouth statement last night at a reception of the Latin Mass Society which took place at the lovely old Travelers Club in central London, Pall Mall area.  Folks were pretty much stunned in disbelief that such a puprosely obtuse statement could see the light of day.  

But I digress…

Yesterday the day dawned crisp and sunny.  A priest friend and I zoomed into London to see The Merchant of Venice at The Globe Theatre.  I have longed to go to that theater for many years, since I heard of the building project, as a matter of fact.  It was a great pleasure and satisifying.  Later, we visited Westminster Cathedral and heard the boy’s choir at Mass.  Very nice.

Then off I went to the Travelers for the abovementioned reception. 

Soon I am off to Rome, for various errands and hijinx. 

My first task today, however, is to find a way to stay online for an extended period. 

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  1. Richard T says:

    “I am having a delightful time in England … However, my connectivity to the internet has been nearly total disaster.”

    OK Father, I was wrong – obviously we don’t have modern technology here in England.

  2. Andrew says:

    Good to see you Father yesterday at the LMS celebration at the Travellers Club. After that conversation about Michael Rose’s book, I think I’ll have to redouble the Marian prayers for that seminary we talked of.

  3. Timothy James says:

    Not that I want to increase your work-load, but we would sure love to hear a new podcazt! I’m trying to get some friends to start tuning into them, I encourage other readers to do the same!

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