UK: 24 Oct: Training Day for Priests with Dr Alcuin Reid

I picked up the following from Forest Murmers.

 Training Day for Priests with Dr Alcuin Reid

I am pleased to able to able to forward this information:

The local Latin Mass Society is organising a study day on the Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, of Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday 24th October in either Newcastle or Gateshead. The main speaker, we are very proud to say, is the distinguished liturgical scholar, Dr Alcuin Reid author of `The Organic Development of the Liturgy`

We would like to invite you all to this day. Numbers will be limited and we do require names no later than Thursday 20th September.
Provisionally, the day will run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. There will be no charge and lunch and drinks will be provided.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Good for the Brits!

  2. Good for the Bishop of Hexham & Newcastle, whose diocese already has a weekly Sunday Mass in the vetus ordo at three locations : Necastle, Gateshead, and Baranard Castle.

  3. Tom says:

    Not sure this positive initiative has anything to do with the bishop of H and N directly.

    H and N is my home diocese, so I hope it is a great success.

  4. AlexB says:

    There is no one better to lead such a seminar than the Rev. Dr. Reid. No one else combines his encyclopedic knowledge with such a gentlemanly, unpretentious demeanor. This man has forgotten more than most of us who love the Extraordinary Form will ever know. Priests should run to sign up for this opportunity.

  5. Tom,
    “Not sure this positive initiative has anything to do with the Bishop of H&N directly.”
    No, you’re quite right.
    It’s not your bishop’s initiative.
    It’s being organised by the Latin Mass Society.
    But, the diocese of Hexham & Newcastle has more weekly Sunday Masses in the vetus ordo (three) than any other English diocese.
    (The archdiocese of Westminster and the Archdiocese of Birmingham come in second place, with two weekly Sunday Masses in the vetus ordo).
    Hopefully, things can only get better !

  6. Tom says:

    Dr Wright – thanks. Actually, the bishop of H&N is not my bishop – I wasn’t clear in saying it is my “home diocese”. It is in the sense that I’m from there (and so it’s ‘home’), but I actually live now in the diocese of Birmingham – where, as you indicate, we’re not too badly served either.

    I am convinced that things WILL get better – it may take a little while, but things are definitely looking up already. All we have to do (and this includes bishops and priests) is to follow the Holy Father.

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