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  1. Fr. D says:

    Ciao, Maestro.

  2. Fr. D says:

    Ciao, Maestro.

  3. Fr. D says:

    Had to say it twice.

  4. Kirk M. Rich says:

    Rest in peace, big guy.

  5. RBrown says:

    My father had absolutely no use for opera, but he said that hearing Pavarotti gave him good bumps.

    He is gone. Let no one sleep.

  6. man with black hat: One Less Tenor

    “[A]t the core of that trend which is catching on to a new generation, is the voice behind the… rendition of Schubert’s Ave Maria. No good Catholic boy over the age of fifty can listen to it with a dry eye… when Catholics are rediscovering their forsaken heritage, the power of reverence is in the spotlight…”

  7. John Polhamus says:

    + Rest well, Luciano. Enjoy listening to the chorus for a while.

  8. Derik Castillo says:

    Requiescat in pace, I pray that God forgive Luciano’s sins,
    and call him to His right hand side.

  9. Thomas says:

    A voice just made for Heaven, for sure.

  10. jane says:

    I blasted the voice of the maestro into the halls of the high school where I teach between each class today. I have to listen to their rap, why not give them a chance to hear from a real rapper. Now they know his name and can whistle Nessun Dorma.

    jane in memphis

  11. techno_aesthete says:

    + Requiescat in pace +
    Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

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