Some confusion in Brownsville

I got this from a kind reader.  Edited and with my emphases and comments:

Greetings from South Texas Father Z.,

I’ve read your website quite a bit and like what you’re all about. Thanks. I recently wrote the diocese about the motu proprio and this was their response. What is wrong with their response. I know that the Tridentine Rite was never done away with just suppressed by the bishops. Here’s some more proof.

From the Office of Worship Director:

Dear Mr. ____

The Diocese of Brownsville has a plan in place to insure the motu [sic] from Pope Benedict XVI is followed.

The motu [sic] contains many norms that govern how and when the Tridentine Rite can and cannot be used. The Diocese of Brownsville is currently working with the priests to insure that the Tridentine Rite is followed as prescribed not only by motu [sic] but also those norms that govern the rite itself. This is to safeguard the celebration and to protect from possible abuses[or uses?]

There will be an announcement when everything is complete. At this time we are hoping for January 1.

Fr. Carlos A. Villarreal, STL

Dear Fr. Villarreal,

I believe it is customary to call such a document from a Pope a "motu proprio", both those words being necessary.

Also, a quick reading of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum will reveal that Pope Benedict’s provisions are actually in effect now, for the whole Latin Church, everywhere… including Texas.   The Holy Father was both hoping for and commanded that the Motu Proprio’s provisions go into effect everywhere on 14 September, last.

Kind regards,

Fr. Z

Folks, I truly hope that project they are working on their will be classes for all priests and seminarians to learn the older form of Mass as well as for lay people on how to participate more fully at Holy Mass, also with the older form.

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