Marini video

With a tip of the biretta and my compliments  o{]:¬)   to the master of the Hermeneutic of Continuity, the great Fr. Finigan (whom I hope to see in February!):

The Battle of the Marini

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  1. Pope Evaristus, Martyr says:

    This is an awesome video.

  2. JML says:

    I did not realize how UGLY the old Papal vestments were! Does Wal-Mart need new draperies?

  3. Alexander says:

    “Not yet” hahaha..

    It always strikes me strange that the Pope Benedict is shifting towards these more traditional vestments and things but removed the tiara in his coat of arms..

  4. Cristhian says:

    maybe pope benedict could wear the tiara. It could be awesome

  5. Timothy James says:

    Comparing pictures of Marini I and II, Marini II almost always has his head bowed in prayer, and Marini I is heads up and looking around. And this is basically the difference between their two philosophies of Liturgy. Marini II leads a Liturgy in which one feels compelled to “turn towards the Lord” in prayer, to participate with the Priest interiorly in meditation. Marini I promotes a Liturgy in which one feels compelled to sit back and watch the show unfold, to watch and be entertained by dancers, singers and florescent vestments.

  6. Finola says:

    All that this proves is that both Papal MCs lack any instinct for colour and any sense of good design.

    Another winner of the Sour Grapes Award! o{]:¬/

  7. Louis E. says:

    Curious choice of lyrics…is this a campaign video for a conclave thirty years hence?

  8. Rudy B says:

    Great video – thanks for posting. Huzzah for ‘Not Yet!’

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