TLM Training at Merton College, Oxford 28 July- 1 August


Residential Training Conference for Priests Wishing to Learn the Traditional Latin Rite at Merton College, Oxford, Monday 28 July to Friday 1 August 2008

The Latin Mass Society’s August 2007 training conference for priests was a great success with 47 priests attending. (It was opened by Archbishop Vincent Nichols and attended by Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa, Oklahoma). Many of these priests are now offering the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Rite) or are far advanced in their preparations to do so.

The LMS now announces its second Priests’ Training Conference at Merton College, Oxford, which this year will accommodate over 60 priests and seminarians and will last for a full week. This reflects feedback from priests last year who asked for more ‘hands on’ training time.

The main features of this year’s conference will be:

•    two training streams, one for complete beginners
•    small training groups to ensure one-to-one tuition
•    training in the Low Mass and the Missa Cantata
•    training in all the Traditional Sacraments from baptism to funerals, and including Vespers and Benediction
•    lectures in Traditional spirituality and the Usus Antiquior in a parish setting; Latin, and the Traditional Calendar
•    Daily Mass, Lauds and Vespers – all in the Traditional Rite
•    opportunity for all priests to offer their private Masses in the Traditional Rite with a priest ‘guide’
•    More accommodation for seminarians.

To provide such intense practical training in the Traditional Mass and Sacraments and to ensure a daily high standard of liturgy, the LMS will have a large training, liturgical and music staff of about 25 – all knowledgeable in their fields. Priests will be charged a low fee of £150 to cover all tuition, board and accommodation. The LMS membership is generously paying the rest of the conference costs.

Julian Chadwick, LMS Chairman, said: “We know from the highest levels in the Vatican that our training conference last year greatly impressed the Roman authorities. It is with their approval that we are organising this second conference. We hope to make this an annual event which will roll out ever increasing numbers of priests briefed in the Traditional Rite and able to take it back to their parishes.

“The LMS’s aim is to ensure that the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite is freely available in all the dioceses. To this end we will step up our training of priests, seminarians, choirs and servers. We will liaise closely with the bishops and seminary rectors to ensure that all who wish to learn and worship in the Traditional Rite are able to do so.”

For further information, please contact John Medlin, General Manager, or Yvonne Windsor, LMS Office Administrator, on (T) 020 7404 7284; (F) 020 7831 5585;


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  1. Roberto says:

    What is it with all these trad things happening in Oxford? It seems like there’s something every week! Doesn’t Cambridge ever organize anything?

    Maybe it’s Newman’s prayers that are doing it.

  2. David Kubiak says:

    When I was at the CIEL Conference in Oxford in 2006 I thought it very amusing that the
    most excited person there — like a kid in a candy shop — was the Anglican chaplain of
    Merton. I suspect his influence has something to do with these meetings.

    We wondered, by the way, if that occasion was the first post-Reformation instance of a
    public toast to the Pope being offered in an Oxford College dining hall. It’s a wonder the
    portraits didn’t fall off the walls.

  3. John says:

    The reason the conference is happening at Merton rather than in any other college is because one of the dons is a member of the Latin Mass Society Committee, and is able to assist in making practical arrangements for the conference. This and the previous conferences have been commercial arrangements between the college and the societies concerned. The Chaplain of Merton has been extraordinarily kind in permitting the LMS (and CIEL previously) to use the College chapel, but the fact that the conferences have taken place at Merton is not the result of his ‘influence’.

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