A waspish challenge

The Liturgical Bee has received a challenge from a waspish, a-liturgical wasp.

This is from KK of KC.


I am reminded of an entry a while back where someone said of another person that s\he was being "waspish".  There was a misunderstanding, I think, about what that meant.  Some people immediately think that "wasp" refers only to a "white Anglo-Saxon Protestant".  However, "waspish" also means "quick to resent a trifling affront or injury; snappish; irrascible".

Thus, I think the "wasp" image is very good. 

I was reminded of a comment that an aging hippie chain-smoking priest I had to deal with made whenever the topic of liturgy came up: "I don’t care about that s***".


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  1. Dan O says:

    In this photo, the use of w.a.s.p. with the periods indicates that the author is trying to say White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and not the meaning of snappish or irascible (the correct spelling).

  2. Yes, Dan, we know that.

  3. Barb Schoeneberger says:

    Dear Father Z.,

    I love the pictures, especially when we can make funny captions or have the balloons with words like this one. I find that laughing really helps me keep my balance. God bless you for all that you do. Keep those bird pictures coming!

  4. I just went into anaphylactic shock!

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