A bee has her say

Taking a hint from a recent entry, this is in from our WDTPRS photoshoper Vincenzo:


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  1. Thomas says:

    In an ironic twist, isn’t the bee used as a symbol in some older papal vestments?

  2. captainbozo says:

    So which would carry more weight then, a Papal bull or a Papal bee?

  3. KK says:

    Considering mass (not Holy Mass) I would assume a papal bull, though I suppose a papal bee could considerably influence a papal bull.

  4. prof. basto says:

    Father, I’m sorry to write this here but this is HUGE!!!

    Have you seen today’s (May 29th’s) L’Osservatore Romano??

    There is a General Decree issued by CDF prescribing the penalty of latae sententiae excommunication for the delict of attempted ordination of women!

    Thank God for our lord the Pope!

    By the way… the Sabine Farm seems great. What lovely pictures!

  5. Tim Ferguson says:

    The Barberini have returned!

  6. Mark M says:

    Fantastic one, Father, Fantastic!

  7. EDG says:

    Thomas – The bee was the symbol of the powerful Barberini family, a member of whom was elected to the papacy in the 17th Century as Pope Urban VIII. This pope – and, in fact, the entire family, since there were a number of Barberini cardinals, too – built and donated things all over Rome – altars, refurbishments of churches, etc. Their gifts were often distinguished by their symbol, a bee, hidden (or not so hidden) somewhere in the work.

  8. prof. basto says:

    The bee reminds me of the Praeconium paschale.

  9. JPG says:

    A bee was also the symbol of Napoleon.

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