Great news in Oceanside, CA!

Great news from California came by e-mail:

The pastor of St. Margaret’s, Fr. Cavanna Wallace, announced at today’s morning Mass that, beginning tonight, the 6:00 PM Sunday Mass will be offered in the Extraordinary Form (1962 Missal).

The last few months, he had been offering a Novus Ordo Mass in what he called "a more solemn manner"- ad orientem, [YAY!] gradually adding in more and more Latin.  This past week, he went on a week-long retreat, devoting it to studying and prayer in preparation for the EF Mass.  [This priest gets it!]

At the end of Mass this morning, Father Wallace gave a beautiful explanation of the change.  He admitted that the "older form" takes more concentration and work, for the priest as well as the congregation.  He stressed its emphasis on mystery and reverence, and mentioned that a sort of "cross-fertilization" of these could occur with our ordinary Sunday Mass. [YES YES YES!  This is the "gravitational pull" !]  He told us it helps take the focus away from the personality of the priest, and puts the focus on the Personality of God.  He announced that Communion will be distributed at an altar rail, to be received on the tongue.

If anyone would like to participate in this "historic" occasion, you are welcome to attend tonight’s 6:00 PM Mass.

St. Margaret’s Catholic Church
4300 Oceanside Blvd.
Oceanside CA 92056

Parish website:

I wish I could be there.  How wonderful for this parish!

WDTPRS gives solemn high "You Get It!" kudos to Fr. Cavanna Wallace! 

How many times have I written that as priests learn the older form, everything will start to change?  Knowledge and use of the older form of Mass will affect how priests celebrate the Novus Ordo. 

This is inevitable.

Will there be vast changes over night?  Of course not.

But Pope Benedict’s Marshall Plan is working. 

Brick by brick, my friends, brick by brick!

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  1. Virgil says:

    I hope that the pastor will also continue the “more solemn” Novus Ordo mass. I would see this as the best sort of “gravitational pull:” a planet (solemn OF) being orbitted by two moons (Solemn EF and a well-done not-so-solemn OF).

  2. Richard says:

    I went to this churches dedication. It is a lovely parish with a great Pastor.

  3. Great news! I wish that I could make it there. brick by brick

  4. Fr. Joseph says:

    “He announced that Communion will be distributed at an altar rail, to be received on the tongue.”

    Wouldn’t that break the Communion Fast?

  5. Fr. Joseph: “He announced that Communion will be distributed at an altar rail, to be received on the tongue.”

    Wouldn’t that break the Communion Fast?

    HUH? How on earth does receiving Communion break the Communion fast?

  6. Cal Brian says:

    I’ve been to this parish once before, and attended the “Solemn” ordinary form of the Mass. It was very reverent, and was celebrated ad orientem with the Canon in Latin.

    Also, they recently built a new church, and it is very beautiful and classical in its style. Although I don’t know Fr. Wallace, he seems to be fairly young (30s?).

  7. California Girl says:

    Cal Brian,

    I think Fr. Wallace is just over 40ish–born and educated in Northern Ireland, and incardinated for the Diocese of San Diego. (Is that the right phrase?)

    Our new church architecturally reflects the (Romanesque?) style of St. Margaret of Scotland’s chapel in Edinburgh, since she is our parish patroness.

  8. Adam says:

    When the new church was built, it was situated on the lot so that everyone had to walk at least 500 feet to the front doors of the church. It truly serves to clear one’s mind to have to walk a bit before entering God’s House. And of course, side doors don’t have knobs, so the only way in is through the main entrance.

    Though we recently relocated, we can heartily recommend Saints Peter and Paul Church in Wilmington, CA (South Bay of Los Angeles), which is under the care of the Norbertines from St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, CA. An EF Mass is offered every Sunday at 6:30am, and the 9:30am OF Mass is wonderfully reverent, with all prayers of the Chruch in Latin. (It is offered as an OF Latin Mass on the 3rd Sunday of each month.)

    Did I mention that the “old” high altar and the communion rail are still in place?

    Needless to say, we feel blessed, and so should everyone in Oceanside!

  9. Matt Q says:

    What a great parish that is. First, a great church, and second, regular Usus Antiqior. Wow. God bless all those who brought it about!!

    I’m impressed with the church. The looks of the exterior already convey a certain tone which gives hope to the interior although I have seen a few like that in which in the inside was totally disappointing. This one though is nice. Although totally Novus Ordo in the rendering, it’s still rather nice for what it is and I think I could come to like it very much. I just hope they don’t clutter it up with all that foo-foo stuff. That broad, wide-open clean look is very appealing. I feel sorry for the ones who have to sweep and mop the place. LOL

    Impressive there is a sort of rood screen. From the pictures, I could make out the vigil lamp, so I guess the Tabernacle is relegated back there. The altar is nice AND with candles ON it, but it doesn’t look be big enough to celebrate a Tridentine Mass. It seems to be a third the size of a standard altar. Is there actually room? I know of some parishes which make sure a Tridentine Mass can’t be said there because the altar was place so close to the steps, Father doesn’t have any room to stand.

    Overall, I like that church and I think many great things will come out of that parish, and especially now that the Tridentine Mass is going to be said there regularly.

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