It’s time to notice Time, I guess

Apparently people are starting to notice the article in Time (which we posted here already on Sunday).

Time: Benedict may have killed off American Catholic liberalism

And so, I am left scratching my head a little.

Some have noticed that Pope Benedict was not in Time‘s list of most influential people (which is so profoundly absurd it is hard even to fathom). 


Accatoli on p. Lombardi 



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  1. peretti says:

    This fits right in with Time’s agenda. Snub Pope Benedict from the list of top 100, and write an article which is nothing more than a rallying point or battle cry for liberals to regroup and take back the American church. I believe that Time realizes the great virtuous influence that Benedict is having on hundreds of millions of people, and that just won’t do. Perhaps Time thinks it can intimidate a pope now, or in the future, into trashing the sixth commandment. That’s pretty much what this is about. The official legitimizing by the Church of adultery, homosexual behavior, fornication, etc… so that all can do whatever they want in the bedroom, or hallway or wherever. What an irony. They seem to not get it, that no pope could ever do such a thing, but yet they seem to actually posses an infused sense of the phrase “Whatsoever thou shall bind on earth is bound in heaven, and whatsoever thou shall loose on earth is loosed in heaven.” It is just evil angling in different ways for leverage.

  2. Jacob says:

    Eh, what do we care about the print media anyway? News weekly magazines are largely in the same boat as newspapers: falling circulation and revenue.

  3. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    First of all, I’m not sure what ‘Pope Benedict’ has to do with this. To everyone who is not a journalist–that is, to anyone who has simple intelligence–‘Pope Benedict’ must refer to Pope Benedict I (except in formal prayer).

    What is patently absurd is that a useless rag such as “Time” should deem itself worthy to assess anyone.

    The real question is whether or not the Pope regards “Time” as one of the 100 more influential agencies in our day. I rather think he knows the truth: it isn’t.


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