Need another reason for Summorum Pontificum?

If you are looking for reasons why we really needed Summorum Pontificum – well – let’s also say the GIRM then take a look at this video which I found at Orate Fratres.

The video is from the May 2008 Call To Action meeting in San Jose, CA.

Many many years ago people attending the midnight Mass for Christmas at the St. Paul Cathedral in St. Paul, MN, were treated before Mass to a giant puppet show by, I am not making this up, The Heart of the Beast puppet troupe. They chose a theme connected to the mystery of the Nativity, namely, the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. This giant puppet thing (people had to be able to see them) seems to be medieval, probably having to do with miracle and mystery plays and so forth.  It was strange, but at least it was before Mass.

This thing, however… well… damn!  That’s just wrong.

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  1. Arieh says:

    Lots of gray hair in that audience…

  2. jarhead462 says:

    The single most disturbing thing I have ever seen….now I have to gouge out my eyes! Hello Kitty Vader would upchuck were he to see this.

  3. Mark M says:

    I had to turn it off at the moment I saw the “Liturgical dancing”. I remember what Francis Cardinal Arinze said on the subject:

    “Dance is not known in the Latin Rite of the Mass. … Europe and America should not talk of liturgical dance at all because dance as known in Europe and North America is not part of worship. So they should forget it and not talk about it at all.”

  4. elizabeth mckernan says:

    Those giants would frighten the children if there were any present but from what I could see everyone present was of a certain age. The judo instructor amused me. As far as I am aware we do not have ‘liturgical dance’ in Britain – it appears to be an American thing. I am glad we have not imported this form of worship – I think we are too self conscious to do this sort of thing at Mass. Yes dance can be beautiful but please in the right place – on stage but not in church.

    For some reason I did not get all the video – it reverted to the beginning when the Priest walked in. Perhaps this is just as well – I hate to think what happened later.

  5. TNCath says:

    I’m amazed at how the “congregation” keeps a straight face during this “liturgy.” Those puppets look like floats from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

  6. Fr. A says:

    Ah… I am left without words, other than to say that was really creepy. I also note the age of those present; much older than the young people (with lots of children) who attend my extraordinary form of the Roman rite in my parish.

  7. Dob says:

    I just wonder how many people there were simply victims of a silly infantile hijack. They seem to have succeeded in singing a new “church” into being” a very ugly and silly one.

  8. Scott Smith says:

    at least it wasn’t in a church

  9. Felicitas says:

    The giant puppetheads remind me of the similar costumed things seen at left-wing political demonstrations. Also if I were seeing this video without knowing the context (a CTA conference), I would assume it was some kind of performance for a retirement community. There are very few people in the audience who look younger than 55 or 60.

  10. Schultz says:

    I’m not sure what’s more wrong…these puppets or the Hello Kitty Darth Vader Fr. Z posted a couple of days ago.

    Both will be in my nightmares!

  11. Am I the only one thinking of the final (human sacrifice) scene in The Wicker Man (1973)? They look eerily like smaller versions of the idol they burn poor Sergeant Howie alive in. Although Summer is icumen in is a much nicer ditty than the one the CTA folks are singing!

  12. Liz F. says:

    How did that little boy get in there and who allowed him to “assist” the priest? It seems like they would have had a girl altar boy instead.

  13. Nathan says:

    + JMJ +

    Is this the best that the CTA liturgical innovators could come up with? I realize that it’s my impression, but the whole atmosphere of the video seemed tired and tedious. God bless the poor t-shirt clad altar boy, he looked bored beyond comprehension.

    In Christ,

  14. Vox Cantor says:


    The sad news is that the celebrant is the Bishop Emeritus of Victoria in
    British Columbia, Canada, Remi de Roo. He is also an Enneagram Master which
    he promotes on his own web page. You can google him and find it all, as well
    as his promotion of attending the above puppet mass. He is 84 and bankrupted the Diocese of Victoria with race-horses and land deals.

  15. Tomas Lopez says:

    I believe the puppets are the concelebrants. Notice that they are wearing stoles, and during the consecration, they are standing behind the altar together with the bishop (I assume he is a bishop, on account of the ring on his right heart finger). They even have their scary puppetish barbecue mitts extended like a priest does during the consecration. The children must have been frightened away, as I see no one under 70 in the congregation.

    I wonder if the single clap given during the sermon for “Joan” refers to Sr Joan Chittester OSB?

  16. Sharon says:

    The audience was so old it made the dancer, who looked about 50, seem young. HA! The last gasp of the “spirit of Vatican II”.

  17. T. Falter says:

    Sad, very sad.

  18. Diane says:

    You almost need a stiff drink to watch any part of it. I got sick to my stomach.

    Abuses like these call for acts of reparation.

    Adoration chapel anyone?

    The holy angels must have been sobbing.

  19. paw prints says:

    Yikes! Mardi Gras Puppets Gone Wild! The audience did appear to be mostly from the age of aquarius.

  20. Hmmm…I think this has prospects for a new movie: “The Muppets Take the Cathedral!”

    “C is for Cathedral, it’s good enough for me!”

    What that group needs, apart from a few shots of testosterone, is a battalion of the Knights of Columbus with swords drawn to maintain good order. I could round up a couple of volunteers for next year’s conference, I think. Any takers? I think some of those old guys have been itching for years for an opportunity to wield those things! :-)


  21. Matt of South Kent says:


    It wasn’t a movie; it was offically called the Consilium ad exsequendam Constitutionem de Sacra Liturgia.

    I hope we have a Pope Pius XIII in our near future, then everyone will know the party is over.

    Matt of South Kent

  22. Timmay! says:

    Seeing that guy in white prance around (I won’t even call that dance) reminded me of Will Ferrell’s ribbon dance in ‘Old School’.

    I’ll have to remember some of his incense moves the next time I am thurifer. Father would love that…

  23. Richard says:

    But the puppets depict African people. That make it multicultural. That means it’s OK.

  24. Bill says:

    It’s good I’ve not had lunch yet, that would have made me lose it.


  25. Brian says:

    Who’s the first puppet? It looks like Bob Marley. It is encouraging to see how much this is an aging movement, though. Very few people in the crowd look like they are under 50.

  26. Bill says:

    Hey Brian! I’m aging, and am offended by that travesty even more than by your comment.

  27. Mark Jacobson says:

    By their fruits (and nuts) you shall know them…

  28. Forrest says:

    Thought I saw Nurse Ratchet in the front row. This must’ve been right after “medicine time” — they all got on a bus and went deep sea fishing right afterwards.

    Sad & unforgivable.

  29. mbd says:

    If one looks carefully, the first ‘puppet’ appears to be wearing women’s shoes or, perhaps, ballet slippers. If the former, at least, — and if Tomas Lopez’s observation above is correct — it would add an additional element into the purpose of masking the performers – particularly if one was the ‘Joan’ referenced in the opening remarks and given the single clap. This would certainly be in accord with one of the agenda of Call to Action.

  30. Emil Berbakov says:


    Why are lefties fascinated with giant puppets?

    BTW Father, what are the rules about walking out during a Mass? I don’t think I’d ever do it, but if this
    happened at my parish…I don’t know.

    Is it ever permissible?

  31. Brian C. says:

    Yuk. Thank God for Firefox and Adblock; another 30 seconds of that would’ve caused permanent damage, I’m pretty sure…

    In Christ,

  32. I think the demographics of all those in attendance speaks volumes.

    Thank God Pope Benedict is starting raising the bar back up.

  33. Mark Jacobson says:

    Maybe this was an exorcism and those \”puppets\” are really the angry liturgical demons being exorcised from the group…

  34. Tommy says:

    I at first was disgusted with the whole show.

    Until I realized how old those aging hippies were and how young in comparison to them our “traditional” congragation is here at home.

    See ya!

  35. John Enright says:

    Tomas Lopez said “The children must have been frightened away, as I see no one under 70 in the congregation.” I’m middle-aged and I was truly frightened by this profoundly disturbing and wretched example of liturgical abuse!

  36. Jayna says:

    Want to hear something depressing? That reminds me of what I had to suffer through during the Triduum. On Good Friday, instead of having the deacon read the Passion, they had a little drama troupe acting it out (but in a very abstract, all wearing black, standing at odd positions kind of way). And then at the Easter Vigil there was dancing abound, and not just one or two, there were like 20 dancers all up and down the aisles.

    As I say, as uncomfortable as it was, it definitely didn’t freak me out as much as those puppet things are. That’s just…creepy. I think I had a nightmare once that very much resembled that.

  37. Scott W. says:

    Anyone who endured to the end (I skipped over large chunks) saw the priest say, “We bless ourselves in the name of the Creator, Redeemer, and the Sanctifier”. If he is doing baptisms like that, they are stone cold invalid and must be done again.

  38. John Enright says:

    Particularly striking is the ritualistic playing of “Pat-a-cake” to the drumming of the liturgical bongo player which occurs at 8:57 into the video.

  39. jarhead462 says:

    I would quietly walk out of a Mass where terrible abuses are taking place, regardless.
    However, If I found myself in this abomination, I would interrupt it in an attempt to stop it, because I don’t see the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass taking place here at all… no guilt about handing out a beatdown. ;)

  40. Angels_Stole_My_Phonebox says:

    No-one seems to have asked yet- but was this Mass valid?

  41. A Philadelphian says:

    I’m with Diane — this one requires prayer.

  42. elizabeth mckernan says:

    I’ve just had another look at the video and this time it went right to the end. Curiosity got the better of me after reading the comments, but I am saddened by what I saw. The Consecration was horrific with the large face behind watching on. The bishop did not genuflect at all. The chalices were of glass. After having nearly choked with laughter at the antics of the judo instructor and his lady friend I was ready to cry by the time the time the bishop reached the Consecration of the frisbe sized Host. When there are 30,000 plus outdoors or in a stadium then there is a point to having large Hosts but this appears to be in a room – so why?

    Things could not have got worse – but they did and the bishop blessed the people ‘in the name of the creator, redeemer and sanctifier.’ I have been known to criticise some aspects of the Novus Ordo as celebrated in England but I have never seen anything like this and never wish to. If he is the bishop, is this how his priests celebrate Mass too wherever he is?

  43. LdG says:

    Wow, that was painful to watch… and I’m not even Catholic.

  44. elizabeth mckernan says:

    This has really got me going! I’ve been googling the bishop concerned and see that he was actually present at Vatican II. In spite of being over 80 he still seems very active.

    I read that in a University of his diocese the chaplain is a 28 year old female with a protestant boyfriend. She preaches, blesses weddings and baptizes.

    She is quoted as saying: The young Canadian Catholics here don’t have a clear idea of what it means to be Catholic.’ I’m not surprised!

  45. Trad Tom says:

    This is not taking God’s name in vain: After watching that sickening video, all I could keep praying was “Oh, my God……Oh, my God!” What is wrong with that CTA set??

  46. Ioannes says:


  47. Tom says:

    We don’t need another Summorum Pontificum – since it would only entrust the fate of requests to the people running this stuff. We don’t even need a new GIRM – since this is the fruit of all the GIRMs of the past. We need AUTHORITY. We need DISCIPLINE. We need OBEDIENCE that is demanded and obtained. Please don’t anybody start holding their breath for any of that.


    As I always say – and THESE are the people you want the FSSPX to put themselves into the hands of…

    “sing a new church into being”???

  48. nobody says:

    (here I am… you banning me doesn’t make you right, thought it is irritating finding a new server, and your advocacy of a man that advocates mass murder, makes me question your heart.. probably a foregone conclusion, hmm?)

    “The Heart of the Beast puppet troupe”…”probably having to do with miracle and mystery plays and so forth.”

    Sorry Fr.Z, but this is blatant mockery. Right in your face, like Kissinger and the cabal he represents. LOOK… or don’t. your choice

    [Hmmm… and the moon isn’t even full right now! – Fr. Z]


  49. gabriel says:

    Oh Goodness!!! I’M ON THE FLOOR!! This is sooo funny!!

    I was raised protestant in a defiantly protestant area of Germany. Luther was a local boy. People are still quite proud of that fact.

    Anyway. I’ve never seen anything like this at all. We’ve had Christmas nativity plays where Jesus was played by a teenage girl (much to the confusion of my five year old son). Where we had to listen to the usual ‘save the planet’ kind of sermons that are so common in protestant services. Over and over. Again. Blah!
    No prayer. No worship. No feeling. Pure pragmatism.

    I’m catholic now and I’m so happy to be blessed wuth a wonderful Polish Priest,who has a thick, adorable polish accent. Who’s sweet, happy, and warm. Who has a constant twinkle in his eye and who is also very, very conservative!!
    Thank you God! Thank you Arch-Bishop Schick!

    The first thing he did when he came to this Parish last September was making sublte changes to the liturgy, quoting the Holy Father in his sermons and reminding people what a Catholic is to do and not to do. Result: half of the people left to a differnt Parish, just to be replaced by a bunch of happy, traditional Catholics!

    But this.. the puppets and the twirling and then the BISHOP!!! God!! a Bishop, even!!! eieieieieie.. no words for that!!

  50. Ashamed says:

    Opening Hymn: sounded something like“…Sing a new church into being…”

    “Create the church you have dreamt of, dream of, and will dream of…”

    “We bless OURSELVES in the name of the Creator, Redeemer, and the Sanctifier”.

    Is it just me or does this whole thing seem to be screaming, “Look at me everyone! It’s all about me! I love me! I can even bless myself! All I really need is me!”

  51. Larry says:

    Here is a question and in all seriousness. If I stumbled into this ceremony “Mass” would I sin by not attending and getting up and walking out? This to me demonstates one of those occasions when it would be morally impossible and one could attend an Orthodox Liturgy. My opinion only and I submit to the authority of the Church. I pity these poor souls. Thank God that things are improving and this sort of situation is really becoming the exception. It has taken a long time to take this apart “brick by brick” but now we can see behind the wall and it is beautiful. Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of the Faithful!

  52. Paul, South Midlands says:

    That video has something missing, those puppets look a bit familiar, now what is it….hmmm….I know! Please someone add a voiceover by Stewart Hall and Eddie Waring!

    One, two, three De-De-Da-De-Da-De-Da-Da, Da-De-Da-De-Da-De-Da-De-Da, Da-De-Da-Da-Da-De, Da-De-Da-De-Da-De-Da…….

    Yes Je Sans Frontiers, ITS A KNOCKOUT………

  53. Atalante says:


    Did anyone else notice the congregation (audience may be a better word) saying the words of consecration along with the celebrant?

  54. Is it just me, or is anyone else hearing the theme to “The Muppet Show” as they come down the aisle? “It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights…”

  55. Renee says:

    I really hope that my parish’s Director of Music and Liturgy never sees this video. She would think it was the cat’s meow and would immediately begin fitting everyone for their costumes.

  56. I’d like to ask the same question as Angels_Stole_My_Phonebox.

    Are there any possible circumstances in which that might have been a valid Mass?

  57. Peggy says:

    Shame on the Bishop! Shame on the people to a lesser degree since they have probably been catechised by the likes of this Bishop and don’t know any better. Is there no way to stop this madness?

  58. walter says:

    “Did anyone else notice the congregation (audience may be a better word) saying the words of consecration along with the celebrant?”

    Yes, i heard that too. It was even more shocing to me than the puppets…until i heard the “We bless ourselves…”

    i am always amazed at how unimaginative Satan is. Same old lie as in Genesis. “You shall be like gods”

  59. mbd says:

    This video comes from the 2008 West Coast Regional Call to Action conference held in San Jose in late April of this year and featuring Bishop Remi de Roo and several Jesuits and nuns, among other ‘presenters’ – all in mufti,of course. Additional highlights can be found – for anyone having an interest in the goings on – at

  60. Tadhg Seamus says:


    Nope. Couldn’t have been a valid Mass: no wheelchair ramps to any of the platforms. Case closed.

  61. Diane says: Adoration chapel anyone? Yes, I’ll be at mine tonight.

    As regards to the validity of the Mass…not sure, illicit, absolutely! Levened bread is not to be used in the Roman Rite.

    I saw this video last night, and am hoping this video doesn’t get in the hands of the LA Religious Ed Congress (probably too late for that), I can only imagine what they’re going to do for next years WREC.

    The Liturgical abuses make everything that’s going on in Liturgical Purgatory seem not so bad.

  62. Speaking of holy Week. Several years ago I was invited by the Pastor of a neighboring Roman Catholic parish to attend their youth group’s Passion play. It took place in the context of the Mass. Just before the gospel was to be proclaimed, the kids moved the altar to nine side so that they would have a stage. Then, instead of the Passion, they acted it out. At the end everyone clapped and cheered. When it was over, I walked out shocked by what I witnessed. Thank God that some parishes are having a return to sanity.

  63. Is this a pagan ritual? I don’t recognize it as being Roman Catholic!

  64. What are they some right-wing nut wing of Call to Action?
    Don’t they realize that even the Vatican allows altar girls?

    It was funny to see a 90% ageing white congregation trying to gyrate and sway to Africanesque drum beats.
    Anyway, I hope everyone took their geritol.

    Fr. Z, I hope you’ll post the subsequent Early-bird Agape meal. :)

  65. Warren Anderson says:

    O.K., I voiced my opinion against the pseudo-liturgy and its cockeyed promoters and now every time I visit WDTPRS my Quicktime Player opens up the video… again and again and again. Big puppets, kooky dancers, aging hippies -please make it stop – the agony. Even after closing the media player, and when I clicked on to this thread, the video starts to play again.

  66. Fr. William says:

    I got shivers, shakes, and I’m sure nightmares will follow. I had to listen (I refused to sing) that awful opening song while in the seminary; it was a big hit there. I cannot fathom this nor wrap my mind around what would possess people to participate in this nonsense(though, sadly enough, I do know the spirit behind it). I pray much for these poor, misguided people, that the work of the Holy Spirit may come to live within them and guide them to the one truth, Jesus Christ, in the beauty of a well-celebrated Mass in either form.

  67. Mark says:

    Weird-o-rama, even by the loose NO practices. At first it made me laugh, but then I felt a need for dramamine, and had to stop it.

  68. I had to stop watching when the fairy dancers were slinging what I presume is holy water. Couldn’t hack the rest. In their entrance “hymn” they are saying “sing a new church into being”. Good grief! I guess that is the “new church” they are trying to sing into being?

  69. Simon Davies says:

    I am now very sad.

    I am disappointed that I chose to watch this so soon before going to bed, as today has been so lovely, it seems a shame to spoil it so tremendously.

  70. Diane says:

    Lord knows whether those young, less than enthused altar boys, will ever bother to go to Mass when they are older. Such casual, lax, celebration of the liturgy, made relevant for the entertainment of those in attendance, isn’t transparent to all generations.

    Thanks be to God for Summorum Ponticum. May those young people in attendance find solace in it someday.

  71. joe says:

    do any of the women own a dress?

  72. Will says:

    Not a Roman collar in sight. Not even on the alleged bishop.
    Somehow, it’s appropriate that the captcha is “Pray for our priests.”
    Lord, have mercy.

  73. fr.x says:

    [Hmmm… and the moon isn’t even full right now! – Fr. Z]

    i don’t see how this will help any.

  74. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    The beginning of this video reminds me of an incident at our Traditional Latin Mass. There is this sort of parish woman who serves at the New Mass which is performed before ours is celebrated. A couple of Sundays ago, she moved back and forth through the sanctuary several times in order to annoy people saying their private prayers before Mass. She was wearing one of those absurd Hallowe’en costumes from the Novus Ordo, a sort of white robe with a rope tied around her waste (whoops, I mean, ‘waist’), as if she were a monk. One gent there, who is far more outspoken in public than I am, gave her a sharp look and then said, in a raised voice so that she could hear him, “That reminds me. I need to buy a new bathrobe”.

    I’ve noticed that some of the perpetrators of this blasphemy on the tape were wearing just the same sort of outfits. Mind you, the vestments of the priest were surprisingly good, all things considered. Most of those chaps dress like Pentecostal ministers from the 1970s. You know, they have no taste and usually have ‘splashes’ of various colours on their costumes. T

    he approach I prefer to take with liberals, on the very rare occasion of coming across one, is to ridicule them. I’ve noticed that, because they take themselves so seriously (and therefore usually have no sense of humour), liberals hate to be ridiculed. It’s the one thing they can’t stand, which is the best reason I can think of for doing it.

    It’s time Rome took its own ‘Action’ and closed down this infantile ‘Call to Faction’ and ‘We be Church’ (or is it ‘Wee Church’?). On the other hand, by acting in public like the horses’ asses they are, they are probably doing more damage to their own agenda than could anyone else.


  75. nobody says:

    “[Hmmm… and the moon isn’t even full right now! – Fr. Z]

    i don’t see how this will help any.”

    Perhaps he is implying he gave control over who gets banned to the same demons at the site. You never know as it all seems to be a joke. Who cares if he advocates the murder of billions, as long as the higher ups approve, right? Not that little ole fr.z is responsible in any way, as you know.

    In any event, it doesn’t matter.

    Enjoy your shakespeare fr.z.

  76. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    Another listmember said that the celebrant was Bishop De Roo. I hadn’t recognised him. But isn’t Call to Faction illegal in the Church? I noticed, by the way, that, during the horrid N.O. Offertory, he altered the wording to say that the bread was “the divine work of human hands”. That would certainly support this leftist idea that God can only be found within us.

    He’s my former Bishop. He is, without a doubt, the worst Bishop in the history of the Church. He’s even worse than the Americans’ Weakland and Quinn and Cardinal Mahony. We had priests here who composed their own Canons extempore, used invalid matter for the Eucharist, and perpetrated every abuse ever conceived. One priest here, one of his buddies, actually had people sitting on the floor of the church waving burning sweetgrass over themselves as banjos played that koom-buy-ah noise. In my local parish the Eucharist was often little cakes with raisins in it. Yummy. The Diocese in those days was supporting evey leftist movement on earth, especially Cuba and the Sandanistas in Nicaragua.

    He had secret dealings in which he invested diocesan monies in wild horses (literally) from Washington State. Nobody knew about it, not even the Diocesan Finance Committee, although one member of that Committee quietly ‘left’ owing to ‘heatlth reasons’ (was it because the numbers didn’t add up?). The Diocese ended up with an $18 million debt.

    But the damage he did to souls was much greater. For example, he told one catechism class (little kids all), that the Mass was a supper and *NOT* a Sacrifice. He was the main author of the Winnipeg Statement, telling faithful that their consciences could enable them to contracept to their hearts’ content, all to combat H.V. He was in charge of the Canadian Bishops’ intervention to stop the abortion law in the 1960s. The result of his intervention was … abortion on demand in 1969. Great job, Remi. His surname is properly pronounced to rhyme with ‘go’, not with ‘too’. So traditionalists in Victoria used to call him ‘De Rogue’.

    I’d better stop here. There’s just too much to say.


  77. Cassanda says:

    Remember, they take themselves seriously.

    The woman giving the homily was so incredibly ironic in speaking about the stages of change:

    “Stage 1 is called Denial. They deny that change is really needed or necessary. They deny any negative effects of ‘their familiar’; and, deny the harmful effects upon those crying out for something different.”

  78. Cassanda says:

    oh, btw, yes, that was Joan Chittister she was quoting.

  79. JP says:

    Our Earth, Our Church, Ourselves:
    Embrace the Beloved Community

    Mark your calendars
    Call To Action National Conference
    November 7 -9, 2008
    Midwest Airlines Center
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Presenters will include:

    Tim Wise, John Dear, Devon Peña, Robert Bullard, Dolores Huerta, John Shelby Spong, Bishop Remi De Roo, Miriam Therese Winter, Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and many more…

    Registration will begin in May but mark your calendars today for what will be a memorable conference that will focus on environmental justice, spirituality, social justice and church reform.

  80. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    By the way, I’ve hunted down the reference to this. It was a call to Faction meeting in late April, at San José, California, U.S.A. San José is the wacko Diocese of the infamous Bishop McGrath. The celebrant here is indeed Remi De Rogue. Remi’s friends have included the ‘retired’ Bishop in Arizona, O’Brien, who killed someone with his car while being drunk behind the wheel. The other pal of his down there was Archbishop Marcinkus. The three of them were seen by an acquaintance of mine, living it up in Arizona. Marcinkus is now deceased.

    After De Rogue retired in 1999, he headed down to Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A., to deliver a speech supporting female ordination. Pope John Paul II ordered him to cease and desist and to cancel his attendance. We were all quite surprised up here when he actually obeyed the order. The cobwebs have been growing on his telephone in Nanaimo, but I knew he would re-emerge eventually.

    His old vicar-general is still in power as such in my Diocese. We have a certain name for him but that one cannot be entered on this blog, or I’d be banned.


  81. Susan Peterson says:

    I could stand to watch only a fourth of it.

    I want you young things all to know that I am between 55 and 60 and would have grey hair if I didn’t dye it. And if I had been there I think they might have wound up calling the police to remove me before they could proceed with this horror.

    When I look back I think it is amazing that I became a Catholic-when-in 1972! But I was received in a Redemptorist parish that despite English and ad populum, still had mass celebrated with dignity, still had confessionals and lines for them, people saying their penances, people lighting candles, sermons about sin, statues of saints and so on. I read the gospels, Augustine, Aquinas, and Cardinal Newman before I became Catholic. I was only vaguely aware that VII had just happened. Later in other parishes I encountered things which shocked and upset me….but never anything like this.
    I find it hard to believe that this happened in 2008. They say the Pope reads this blog. How long, Holy Father, how long?

    Anyway, all of you young things, please don’t assume that grey hair causes heresy and blasphemy; if it did, you would all be in trouble sooner or later, mostly sooner than you think!
    Susan Peterson

  82. Larry says:

    Well I just discovered taht I mis read the comments and thought this was old footage! This was last week! I am deeply saddened that this kind of thing still happens. It is simply…. God have mercy on us.

  83. R.Shackleford says:


  84. Carson says:

    Well…three words come to mind:

    brain chemistry imbalance

  85. Ann says:

    I don’t understand this. But then it seems a perfect example of “creativity” in the liturgy…can someone please tell me where it says in any document of the Church that we should have “creativity” in the liturgy? I really need to know where it is or isn’t. My parish priest used that term in a conversation with me when I was expressing concern over the little additions (ie. distractions) here and there that I have been noticing in our liturgies. The term “creativity” when used with “liturgy” quite frankly scares me. I think that if our Mother Church has given us a liturgy to follow, it’s probably best just as it is and no further tweaking should be needed in order for us to experience what we need to experience there, other than our personal disposition. I am disgusted by this video, but also a bit unnerved because it doesn’t seem too far away when you are talking about making people feel “involved” and “creative” and their personal ideas “welcome”. I just want my liturgy back. But alas, very few in my parish would even understand my pain let alone agree with me.

  86. Julie says:

    As someone on staff at the Cathedral of Saint Paul, the aforementioned Cathedral, I find it VERY NECESSARY to repeat that this video was MANY years ago. [Ummm…. this video was made very recently, at the May 2008 meeting of Call to Action. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the St. Paul Cathedral, since it took place in Portland, OR.] I haven’t been able to watch it, but know it was at least two rectors ago. The Masses now are among the most reverent in the diocese -in fact, our Rector and Parochial Vicar, are the fruits of Saint Agnes Parish in Saint Paul, just as is Fr. Z. You will NOT find Liturgical abuses of ANY kind at the Cathedral. Fr. Z, wish you would write IN BIG CAPS that this DOES NOT DOES NOT DOES NOT and WILL NOT WILL NOT WILL NOT happen!!

    My goodness, unless people read carefully they will have a scandalous impression of a parish, who just this past year hosted: Dr. Janet Smith, George Weigel, Dr. Ralph McInerny and Dr. Helen Alvare as keynote speakers! Does this sound like a parish of VotF or Call to Action? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, you will find complete and intentional orthodoxy, reverence, and deference to the Magisterium and the Holy Father. Last year we hosted Evangelium and this year will have the Great Adventure Bible Study along with Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s new bible study on the Letters of Saint Paul for adult faith formation. In addition to that, our Young Adults hold weekly faith formation events COMPLETELY in line with Church Teaching as we have done the last 5 years. The Cathedral has been a solid parish for 5 years and is quickly becoming the most active, vibrant, evangelistic, orthodox, youthful, parish in the diocese!

    For the liturgically inclined: Father had the Altar, Cathedra, and Celebrant’s Chair gilded this year and the solemn candlesticks refinished. He upgraded the chalices and ciboria as well as the vestments. At our 10am high Mass, you will find Altar Servers in Cassock and Surplice from the Saint Paul Seminary, serious incense swinging, Gregorian chant, and a smattering of Latin. NO FUNNY BUSINESS!

  87. Julie says:


    Addendum: It is the “Cathedral of Saint Paul” not the “St. Paul Cathedral” -that is an Anglican church in London!

    Gratias Ago.

  88. Embattled Catholic says:

    Is there a certain cut-off age at which one’s “cringe-sense” is destroyed??? Some virus that affects some “of certain age”, but not others?? I can’t see my kids being caught dead at something like that. Or teenagers, or parents of said.

    It looks like it is geared for the kindergarten set, yet there aren’t any children…well, that is, no one who has the physical appearance of a child. If I become enamoured of this sort of variety show in my advancing age, my progeny will die of shame!

    As for His Excellency de Roo, I thought he was busy providing talks on the Enneagram, last I checked on his site. I think he must have been one of those unfortunate souls who succumbed to the Virus. We must pray and fast…vigorously. At least the new Bishop seems to be more Virus-resistant–and the rector too, judging by some of the past bulletins I’ve read.

    God Bless,

    Embattled Catholic

  89. Kizito says:

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  90. I wonder if any of them knew that the asperges is a penitential rite. No comment on them, but I’m just thinking that, generally speaking, this king of thing is impossible are regularly participating in individual, sacramental Confession.

  91. Tony says:

    It feels like I’m on LSD. Dear God, have mercy.

  92. Chris Molter says:

    Susan Peterson,

    Please don’t take the “gray hair” comments personally. Remember, you’re constantly being renewed in Christ, who is eternal. That means you’re perennially young! ;) These folks.. well.. they’re attached to a time period that’s dead and gone.

    Let’s pray for them to find renewal in Christ, so they can know the joy of eternal life.

  93. Fr. William says:

    To Ann: Most recently, Redemptionis Sacramentum addresses creativity: see paragraphs 14 and following but in particular the section titled “priests”, paragraphs 29-33. God Bless!

  94. BTW… did any one get through the whole video? Did you have to stop at a certain point?

  95. K says:

    I lost track of the heresies after the middle and the tasteless violations of liturgical law after about 2 min. If they manage to sing an new church into being they are welcome to it, I won’t join. In fact, I’d guess that at least half of those present are actually outside the Church having been excommunicated latae Sententia for heresy, so they might actually have managed to “sing a new church into being” after all…

  96. Ann says:

    Thank you so much Fr. WIlliam. That reinforces what I already thought just had to be written somewhere.
    “Arbitrary additions” describes very well what is causing me problems right now. Unfortunately, our priest seems to think that it is necessary to keep adding little commentaries, extra prayers, and this week little songs where they don’t belong, for the sake of making people feel “special” and welcome. It saddens me that a priest thinks we need to add things to what the Church has already given us — it’s like saying it just isn’t goon enough already and that we need to make it “better”. I don’t want some priest’s version of liturgy, I want the Church’s liturgy. But if a priest is all about respecting people’s “feelings”, then I guess the liturgy becomes more about us than about God. This video is certainly a good example of that!

  97. Ann says:

    oops! sorry, I didn’t catch the typo — I meant to say that adding little things to the liturgy makes it seem like it isn’t already “good” enough….

  98. Lori says:

    I, like another poster, had to stop watching when the dancers were flinging holy water around…if I had been present, I would have had to walk out looooooooooong before that!

  99. jeff says:

    That video made me sick. And they wonder why the church attendence is down. Why cant we just put things back the way they were before the counsel and stop the insanity.

  100. Jayna says:

    Fr. Z – I didn’t even get close to finishing it. Maybe a minute in and my gag reflex made me stop it. That and I figure I get enough of it in my own parish that I don’t need to inflict it on myself elsewhere.

  101. Fr. Z,

    Yes, I did make it through to the end…but not without becoming nauseous.

    And I am overcome with grief more than with anger in seeing these things performed at a (tragically) valid Mass by real members of the Body of Christ. Grief for them, that they “do not know what they do,” grief for the whole Church, that she is thus wounded, and grief — no, a kind of contrition for the actions of these my brethren. And a grieving hope that someday we will truly be one.

  102. Emilio III says:

    Fr. Z, I was able to finish it on the third attempt. It is rather sad to think that they probably have the best intentions, but no idea of what they are doing.

  103. G says:

    I think Call To Action has discovered their own solution to the priest shortage (the tune should be obvious.)

    1. Take some flour, and some water,
    Mix them well in to a paste,
    Then recycle some old news print,
    Tear it! let there be no waste.
    Dip longs strips into the mixture,
    Place them where they need to be
    Bring a puppet into being,
    Show your creativity.

    2.How to use these gentle giants?
    What their purpose? What their use?
    Are they toys? a science project?
    For the stage? Don’t be obtuse!
    We’ll parade them to the altar,
    Where they’ll stand in proud array!
    What priest shortage? we’ll just build one
    Out of more papier mache!

    3. With his cold unblinking visage,
    He might fill young ones with dread,
    For it is the stuff of nightmares,
    That bizarre, gynormous head.
    But they’ll soon become accustomed,
    To his wierd and awkward ways,

    The rest is at

  104. Andy Lucy says:

    Yes, Fr, I made it through the whole thing… but I am a 911 dispatcher, and I am used to both incredible silliness and extreme distress, both of which abound in that video.

  105. D. S. says:

    To all and espec. PKTP:

    As long as such things happen inside the (official, “not-schismatic”) church there should be no doubt that it is fully legitimated/justified for groups like the FSSPX to reject beeing part of such a congregation of 1/2-, 1/4-, 1/6- etc. “Catholics” (of patchwork-faith and worship, everybody doing what he wants to do whilst not beeing excoimed) and not signing an agreement.

    Pity (and embarrassing) but – sad – reality.

    Realy, how can you doubt that FSSPX and others are not fully justified if you see such things?

    [I know, some of you will say now that that is only extreme abuse…- yes, o.k., but perhaps you can imagine what I would answer then… –

    I would say several things, but let me stress one point once again: even some things not beeing an abuse of law but in totaly accordance with the NO-rubrics are also scandalous and/or sacrilegious or at least sinful, like: the prayer for Jews on Good-Friday, the requiem-prayers – like many more examples of the proprium – or the venarcular-texts of consecration “for all”, etc.pp. – or think of hand-Communion … that´s the pity and the shame …. !! and then it is not to wonder about such things like in this movie coming out – don´t you see the link?!]

    pray for our wounded Mother, Church!
    In CHo per Mam

  106. Ottaviani says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever cried and laughed at the same time.

    My stomach hurts… =(

  107. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    To D.S.:

    Horrible as this sort of thing is, not every crisis qualifies as a crisis which can result in a state of necessity and supplied jurisdiction. Nobody here, I trust, is denying that there remains a mind-boggling crisis in the Church. But rightful disobedience is only justified when it becomes impossible to function in the Church. In 2000, Rome offered the S.S.P.X an exempt and international ordinary jurisdiction which would have removed it entirely from the interference of corrupted bishops and their chanceries. She has never withdrawn that possible provision. From that year, therefore, the Society has not had present the juridical conditions which justify rightful obedience to abuses of power.

    We are Catholics, not Protestants. We can’t just disobey whenever we become angry, no matter how bad things get. Consider my own case. I am a subject of the Bishops of Victoria and, until 1999, I was subject to that very Bishop in this video, probably the very worst of the post-conciliar radicals in the entire Church. I saw what he did and what some of his wacko priests have done. And yet I have never attended a Society chapel. As a laic, I found ways to protect myself from this infamous bishop and his cronies (mainly by fleeing to the Byzantine Rite). Since it was not strictly necessary to disobey legitimate authority to protect my soul, I didn’t disobey it.

    The situation of a priest will be different from that of a laic, and every individual will have a unique situation because we all have different temptations, strengths, and weaknesses. I am convinced that some very pious people find that they simply cannot tolerate what other equally pious people can. So I pass judgement on nobody. But we are all bound to use the brains God gave us and to try to stay fully united to the Vicar of Christ.

    Also, the situation of the S.S.P.X is different from that of a simple layman. Those priests found that, in order to fulfil their God-given mission, they were forced to disobey legitimate authority to save souls. However, at least objectively, that state of necessity ceased in 2000, or, at least, until the suggested offer of Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos could be determined and then implemented. At least objectively, it has been wrong for Bishop Fellay to refuse a process of reconciliation since then.

    As for the subjective aspect, I make no judgements, but I feel duty-bound to warn Society supporters that they should work co-operatively with the Holy Father. The Society will have no mission left if its extremists continue to control its policies by threatening to divide it. Thanks largely to the success of “Summorum Pontificum”, the Society now faces a choice: reconciliation or decline. And decline would likely lead to decimation and then an existence dominated by extremists.

    Yes, I’m outraged by De Roo, but De Roo is now retired and exiled to a small apartment in Nanaimo (up-Island), where cobwebs grow on his telephone. One look at that video and you can see how ‘dated’ it is. These are the nostalgic gestures of ageing liberal has-beens. While I admit that I’m tempted to string the bastards up to every lampost (hanging is the only civilised means of capital punishment), the best revenge (were revenge ours, which it is not), is to watch them die out ‘with a whimper, not a bang’.


  108. Luke says:

    I made it through the whole thing, first try. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of.

    My anti-spam word was: Pray for our bishops. Fr Z- I think that the Holy Spirit is guiding your website. ;)


  109. Bill says:

    Fr. Z, I got through it, eventually. But I also switched to another window, several times, so I didn’t get the full strength of the heresy on the first pass.

    Like Ann, I am getting too many little modern touches to the Mass in my own parish. But being less than certain of my own awareness, I’ve begun reading the GIRM, to see which might be approved, and which are not.

  110. Ann says:

    I was thinking this morning that I have often been asked, when trying to discuss what is “wrong”, whether or not I am prepared to go to the Bishop and complain or if I am just wanting to “vent” negatively about what I simply don’t like or differ in opinion on with our priest — in other words, are my concerns serious enough to go above my priest’s head and report them. I find this really disheartening because it seems that some people feel that we should just “let it go” until it is “really” bad and deserving of a report to a higher authority, but they don’t think about how it actually GETS that bad in the first place. I’m sure that the performance on this video is not the very first thing that went wrong in that parish. There were probably a lot of little things that gradually built up and were ignored by people who just “let them go”, while others became desensitized and didn’t even notice what was happening because they felt good about it in little bursts, and now still others are wondering what the heck happened to get to this point.

    Why can’t people see that once you allow “creativity” you open the door to a whole bunch of potential abuse that will be approved or not based on opinion? Yes, when we follow the Church directives faithfully, there will be people who are upset because they don’t want to fall into line, so we will never please everyone. But when you don’t follow directives and choose instead to be creative, everything becomes confused because it is now about one opinion versus another and there is no ultimate authority, and the people who get hurt are those who are just trying to be faithful and have their spiritual lives nourished by what the Church offers us. Whose opinion is more important? THose who want to do their own thing anyway or those who really want to follow the Church? I would think that would be a major consideration of a parish priest.

    Am I obliged to obey my priest’s opinion? I try to support what I can that is good and encourage him in things that I see he is doing well, but I cannot jump on board with the other stuff and some think this is wrong of me because he is the priest. I believe that when he acts in accordance with Church directives, he has authority to do things whether I like them or not, but when he acts on his own initiatives and opinions based on what he likes or doesn’t like himself, or what he thinks other people will like or not like, I have trouble supporting him because I then see him as merely a person who is pushing his own ideas rather than a representative of the Church. Perhaps I am wrong, but I don’t know how else to see it. Sorry to go on so long :-)

  111. ioannes says:

    I just tried to visit the website to view the video, and the actual location has received so much bandwith that their accound has been suspended. DARN!
    Who would have thought that Bad liturgy could attract so many viewers! :o)

    Here is the message from the browser:

    Your website has been suspended!

    The web hosting account that hosts this website has been blocked due to high bandwidth usage!

    If you are the owner of this website, please login to your hosting Control Panel and order additional traffic quota.

    If you are a visitor to this website, please access this page later.

    This website is hosted by

  112. Fr. William says:

    Ann: My first suggestion to anyone who is going to speak with a priest (or anyone for that matter) concerning a serious matter is this: do penance (the more serious, the more penance)! As a result, hopefully, what is said may be said with all due charity. To do penance for the parish itself is probably a very good idea as well. This would, in general, be my request for all of us that find this video, and all the known places where this kind of thing occurs. May these abuses be eradicated by the holy offerings of penance!

  113. Bill says:

    “Am I obliged to obey my priest’s opinion?”

    Ann, I have been asking myself the same question. I recently began exploring the Vatican II documents, trying to understand what was valid or not. I quickly learned from Sacrosanctum Concilium that I must look elsewhere for the source of the changes, though I could see the loophole through which they would be justified: item 40.

    Yesterday, I began reading the GIRM, and have now located the real source of what is permitted or not. But the language is clearly written for priests, and some references are not clear to me, and will force me to additional research. Still, what is clear is that instructions are given in significant detail, though not so detailed, as I understand it, as for the TLM.

    I look forward to the impending release of a new Missal, where I understand the language will be brought back into correspondence with the Latin sources.

    In the short term, I could opt for the TLM, but in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, there is only one parish for that, and it is about 35 miles away.

  114. Michael says:

    To all of those who advocate tinkering, modernizing or otherwise changing the ancient and venerable rite of the Mass for any reason other than that the proposed change will bring greater honor and glory to God, this abomination lies at the end of that road.

    Change the Mass to be in the vernacular? Why not, what harm could it cause.
    Insert new prefaces borrowed from the Novus Ordo? Sounds good.
    Eliminate the calendar used for over a thousand years in favor of one in existence for forty? Good idea. It may bring “unity”.
    Allow girl altar boys or communion in the paw? Have to. There is nothing that explicitly says you can’t.
    “Sanitize” a beautiful prayer to avoid offending the sensibilities of those who have no idea what the prayer actually means? Must be done. You catch more flies with honey, after all.

    The point I’m trying to make is that the horrible event shown in this video did not spring up overnight like a toadstool after a rainstorm. Instead it grew from within like a festering cancer until it finally erupted with all its putrid effects. Little changes here and there encouraged the cancer to grow and spread, and I’m appalled that anyone still has this attitude

  115. Ann says:

    Bill, if I had a parish like that only 35 miles away you can bet I would be there pretty much every week! The nearest TLM is an hour and a half from us and it takes place at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning which is just a bit difficult for our family, especially in the winter. I would love to experience it though, to see what real liturgy looks like. I’ll just bet there are no puppets, clapping songs or interactive announcements during the Mass :-)

  116. Bill says:

    Ann, you haven’t seen the traffic here, and I get 22MPG ;)

    Besides, I haven’t yet sampled the other local parishes, and at least one of them is promising. I do intend to visit St. Francis de Sales, however. The outside is pretty ordinary, and the building was a Baptist church, originally. But the interior certainly looks like the Catholic church of my dreams.

  117. JJ says:

    The video is gone; did anybody download it?
    If so, could you repost it anywhere?
    Or put it on youtube?

  118. Bill says:

    Ann, the other impediment for me is that if I attend weekday Mass, then I’d be looking at a weekly total of over 400 miles. And uncertainty in my arrival time at the office. Both troublesome issues.

    But I do wish there were a similar parish in my area.

  119. Jon says:

    I downloaded the movie if anyone wants it.

  120. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    I agree entirely with Michael’s comments. It is one reason that I urge traditionalists to take the policy of asking the Holy Father for zero change in the Traditional Rite of Mass for a period of fifty continuous years, starting on 7 July, 2007. That means that I would favour refusing even those changes I want to see eventually, such as the addition of new propers for some of my favourite saints (e.g. St. Gianna Beretta Molla or the Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War). While I would like us to return to the pattern of slow organic change of the past, I also consider that, in the aftermath of a veritable revolution, prudence requires a period of complete stability. As Ecclesiastes tells us: ‘There is a time for everything, everything has its time’. The aftermath of a revolution is the time for zero change for the simple reason that it is a time in which incorrect principles regarding change remain popular or, even worse, are assumed. Once the revolution is but a bad memory, we should return to the slow organic change typical of previous centuries.

    We don’t need any changes in our T.L.M. for fifty years. We certainly don’t need any in order to make our liturgy ‘living’. There were no changes in the Ordinary of the Mass from 1637 to 1884–not so much as the alteration of a comma–and yet the Mass was certainly ‘living’ for that period of some 250 years. There must have also been long periods in the past during which not even the universal calendar of the Mass was altered. This idea that tinkering is necessary in order to keep a Mass breathing is an error from ‘conservatives’, who are none other than liberals in slow motion. The idea is directly contradicted and disproved by historical fact.


  121. Diane says:

    Fr. Z asks: BTW… did any one get through the whole video? Did you have to stop at a certain point?

    Had to stop after a minute the first time due to nausea.

    I tried again and managed to get through it but not before seeking the assistance of Frey. That made it survivable.

    Can we burn a DVD and send it to Cardinal Arinze? Perhaps this retired Bishop will get a nice letter to celebrate all Masses privately from here on out.

  122. Cally says:

    Fr. Z,

    For me, the video circles around to the beginning about halfway through the opening song.

  123. D.S. says:


    Thanks for answering. Let me first state that I like many of your comments (even sometimes a little bit too long!) and I also take it as a serious argument, that the situation after 2000 could be seen as essentially diferrent, like You argue always.

    Nevertheless posts like those of Bill 2.24 and Ann 2.34 seem to be sufficiant argument for me of for the FSSPX going on acting like before, starting all over chapels and schools etc. where the TLM is offered, without having official allowness – as long there are many sacrilegious, sinful, scandalous Masses and other ceremonies, not only as single exception or in very small number, but in a large number.

    church law was never seen so restrictive or positivistical like many do today; salus animarum suprema lex etc….

    I´ve not the time to discuss further; perhaps we can discuss this point asgain some other time.

    Whishing all of you GOD´s grace and blessing for Pentecost (I´m just preparing for the pilgrimage of Chartres-Paris) – Veni Creator Spiritus!


  124. Scott W. says:

    I just tried to visit the website to view the video, and the actual location has received so much bandwith that their accound has been suspended. DARN!

    Not to worry. I uploaded an edited version on YouTube here:

    I also saved the original on my PC

  125. Ann says:


    Just to clarify, since you mentioned one of my posts in your own, as much as I am frustrated with the liberties certain priests take in the liturgy, I would by no means advocate anything, even “traditional”, that was not “officially allowed”. I am not familiar with the organization you speak of, although I have heard of it, so I would not be qualified to get into a discussion about it, but I wanted to be clear that I am a believer in following the directives of the Church, the Pope, the Magesterium always.

    And I know that while the extraordinary form is a much better example of traditional liturgy, I also know that the Novus Ordo celebrated “well” and according to the proper guidelines, is a beautiful liturgy. I have experienced it on rare occasion, such as at a monastery/seminary. The problem is that in many places, it is not celebrated well. This is the result of human error in exercising freedom, but if the Church has approved the Novus Ordo, I would never say She is wrong. The problems we experience, and ultimately those shown in this video are not “approved” or “officially allowed”. Yes, it would be nice for the Pope to have a direct video camera in every church all over the world to experience first hand every liturgical abuse so that he could address each and every one that happens every moment of the day, but it just isn’t realistic!

  126. Thom says:

    That’s just absurd. A liturgical parody.

  127. JJ says:

    Thanks Scot, much appreciated. :)

  128. JJ says:

    It looks like something out of some mental asylum!

    Thom, yes, “a liturgical parody”, a mockery from the devil, done by sincerely deluded people.

    I feel sorry for them, I really do.
    Let us pray for them

  129. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    Dear D.S.

    Once again, I agree that there is an on-going crisis in the Church. However, not every crisis justifies rightful disobedience to legitimate authority, owing to a state of necessity. The question is whether or not it is really necessary to disobey in order to save one’s soul or others’, or in order to protect one’s mission. Pope John Paul II offered the Society the means necessary to fulfil its mission when it offered it what amounts to a universal diocese, entailing complete liberty from the local bishops. The instant that offer was made–and Bishop Fellay has publicly admitted that it was made–the state of necessity ended.

    Of course, I am not referring to the subjective side of this; I am not judging anyone or saying that the Society bishops are sinning. Objectively, however, they have an obligation to reconcile with the Church. Disobedience to the Vicar of Christ is a very abnormal and exceptional recourse, permitted in Moral Law only when there is no other way. The Society at least has an obligation to ask for what has already been proposed for it. Now is the the time.

    The Society should also ask itself, at this point, how it can best serve the interests of Holy Church and how it can most effectively oppose liturgical abuse. I submit that this can best be done in a regularised structure today.


  130. Marina says:

    Looks like the recreation hour at the local looneybin.
    Kind of reminds me of the story in the Bible of the Golden Calf. Shame on them!!!!
    Lets all say a prayer for these poor misguided souls.

  131. Rob Alvelais says:

    Fr Z. Wrote
    BTW… did any one get through the whole video? Did you have to stop at a certain point?
    Comment by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf — 8 May 2008 @ 7:29 am

    Hi Father,

    Ok, this is in my diocese. At least it wasn’t my bishop, thankfully. So, now what should I and other faithful of this diocese do?


  132. Rob Alvelais says:

    Oh, yes, I did get through it on the second attempt. I had to read some of the comments to figure out that it wasn’t some goofy “prayer service” and was supposed to be a mass. Then, I felt a duty to view it as a member of this diocese. Yes, I pray for our bishops.

  133. Fr. Marie-Paul says:

    We see here the prelude to the abomination of desolation mentioned in the Bible, when the Perpetual Sacrifice is taken away for a time. They are “singing a new church into being.” That’s certainly true. We’ll see these modernists create their new denomination when the dogma of the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate is declared.

  134. Peterk says:

    “Fr Z. Wrote
    BTW… did any one get through the whole video? Did you have to stop at a certain point?”

    I made it through the entire thing (thankfully on an empty stomach). What amazed me was how the priest said the sign of the Cross

    “in the name of the Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier”

    I guess they don’t want to use “in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost” so as to be inclusive

    if you want to be Protestant then go be a Protestant. this video does not look like a Mass to me but borders on one of those feel good churches

  135. Ann says:

    I just had to share with you that this morning at Mass, I experienced the spiritual uplifting that Gregorian chant can bring even in the midst of other distractions. I have heard it before and even sung it on occasion, but never really appreciated it as fully as I did today.

    I am the music ministry coordinator in our parish and I try my best to foster reverence and a sense of the sacred in the liturgy as much as I possibly can within the boundaries I have to work in (ie. music is only one part of what happens during Mass!). I am finding that the more others push for and eventually execute creative expressions and feel good additions to the Mass, especially when they are beyond my ability to control, I move further towards the traditional in my music planning because that seems to be the only area in which I can strive to maintain some stability.

    This morning I knew ahead of time about a few things that would be happening during the liturgy that were going to disappoint me and serve as distractions from the solemnity of the occasion, but in addition to choosing traditional hymns for processional and recessional, I had prepared with my singers the English chant version of Veni Creator Spiritus (we don’t know Latin well enough yet to pull off the Latin version but we are going to learn it!) and we sang a traditional hymn for Communion accapella in two parts (3 or 4 parts would be awesome, but there are only 3 of us so we do what we can!) Somehow through that experience I was able to keep my peace of mind and heart, for the most part anyway, and it really helped me to see why Gregorian chant is still recommended and encouraged by the Church as the most appropriate form of music for liturgy (at least that is what my seminarian son tells me). It just brings everything into clearer focus during Mass and it is easier to maintain a state of prayerful participation.

    We don’t need to “Sing a New Church into Being” because the one we have is beautiful if we just look at IT instead of ourselves. Come Holy Spirit! Please come and fill us so that we can once again experience the beauty and reverence we were intended to experience in the Holy Mass. And please Lord, help me get to a TLM somewhere soon so that I can see what all these other people are talking about :-)

  136. B Knotts says:

    One point of clarification. This doesn’t appear to have been held in Portland, but in San Jose.

    Some might find the actual location…ummm…unsurprising. Just saying.

  137. Miki Tracy says:

    Okay, I’m sorry, but that’s just too danged funny not to laugh at out loud….I’m in tears….

    All the same, how in GOD’s Holy Name can one cultivate the appropriate attitude and reverence for participating in Mass with this garbage draining precious energy from our brain matter?

    From now on, when people ask me why I prefer the Tridentine Rite, I’m going to show them this video and say, simply, “You’ll never see this garbage in a Latin Mass parish–no one would ever put up with it!”

    Funny, but oh so wrong….

    In His Grace, miki

  138. Hello Dear Faithful People…

    As the party responsible for originally posting the sad spectacle now infamously known as the “Mr. Potato Head Mass”, I did so with a heavy heart, but, firm purpose–It is time for this group, so dangerous to the well-being of souls, to go.

    Having known previously (as a convert) the regret of having terribly offended such a tender and merciful heart as that of Our Lord’s, I am sensitive to all errors that might endanger the destination of souls, or, cause others to know the same regret.

    Jesus must be loved deeply at this time…

    Prior to posting, I viewed the video and noticed within it 2 people who were instrumental in bringing our entire family into the Church. In fact, I spent an entire year before our entrance meeting each week with a prayer group that fervently supports the errors Call To Action promotes. (I’m from Santa Cruz, Ca.) Nevertheless, Our Mother provided me, from Her Son, the grace of fidelity to the Church…

    In a sure way, I believe God placed me in this group to be a small light for those He loves still, even despite the blindness of true error… Let us both pray and act with true charity in defending souls by encouraging our Bishops to dissolve Call To Action from the Catholic Church. I do not hold to the notion that dissent is passing. Indeed, I see a growing structure that resembles that of the 16th century…

    I have a new post on the hidden truth found within the lay homily offered up (literally) within the closing liturgy at the C.T.A. conference. You can view it at:

    Peace to all this day,

  139. RBrown says:

    I can’t look at the giant potato heads without thinking I’m on Easter Island.

  140. Embattled Catholic says:

    “I can’t look at the giant potato heads without thinking I’m on Easter Island.”

    RB Brown: my thoughts exactly! Great minds think alike.

  141. Paul says:

    I was raised in a Protestant sect and never saw anything even close to the horror of that. The fact that the woman giving the homily was not struck dead is sure evidence of God’s long suffering nature.

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