The Pewee/Phoebe debate continues

In a recent comment, one WDTPRSe has claimed that in one photo there is a Phoebe, in another a Pewee.

Solomonic?  To easy?

In any event, I haven’t yet posted about … the nest.

These critters are now fledged and have today flown the nest.

They are, I believe the questionable bird’s offspring.

On the other hand, this alien looking thing is blooming…. whatever it is.

Here is some of the lilac.

And it is not snowing,….

Those are some of the famous dandyelions I showed you the other day.

Though this is another thing all together.  The cottonword is attempting, I think to propagate itself everywhere.

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  1. John Paul says:

    Pretty sure the “alien thing” blooming is a rhododendron

  2. Cally says:

    I’d say the alien is a rhododendron.

  3. Argent says:

    Once the alien-looking thing bursts open, the flower head will have some very pretty blossoms. Rhodies grow wild here along creeks and rivers.

  4. Richard Morris says:

    Dear Padre z – As long as the boy birds and flowers,and the girl birds and flowers know what they are, and can find each other, who cares?
    They are beautiful
    Kind of like TLM and the vernacular mass when its done right, don’t you think?

  5. Andreas says:

    The ‘Alien’ plant looks to me like “nerium” also called oleaster, or rhododendron: look at the scientific literature!

  6. Ann Seeton says:

    I am so happy to see the photo of the Lilac. My childhood home was surrounded by Lilacs and they simply filled the air with their fragrance in the spring, and we used to chase the cottonwood cotton as it blew across the yard when we were very small children.

    I never feel that spring is here until I smell lilac, and it does not grow here. Your photo brought the scent right into my home thanks to the vividness of memory when triggered.

  7. William Marshall says:

    Father Z, the “alien” is definately a Rhododendron. and the lilac is the variety “sensation”

  8. Jim says:

    DEFINITELY a rhododendron. They grow like weeks in the forest near my place in Northern California. Some of them get quite large, and they live to a ripe old age. There is one very like yours in my front yeard.

  9. Looking at that cottonwood, you are in my prayers Father if you have any spring allergies!

  10. Patrick says:


    Your mountain laurel certainly looks like it has a post bloom magnolia cast to it. Are you fertalizing a bit much?

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