A momentary pause

It is humbling to see the various places whence some of you readers are coming.

In the top few slots just a couple minutes ago I saw:

Newcastle Upon Tyne
Pago Pago
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Te Kauwhata
Renningen, Baden-Wurttemberg
Bismarck, North Dakota
Ituna, Saskatchewan
Stockholm, Stockholms Lan
Natchitoches, Louisiana
Tielt, West-Vlaanderen
Dallas, Texas

Make you wonder… no?

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. R says:

    Where is “”te kauwhata”?

  2. New Zealand, I think.

  3. Scuffy the Tugboat says:

    Yes Father, Te Kauwhata is in New Zealand, about 45 minutes drive south of Auckland, in the Diocese of Hamilton.

  4. TC says:

    Tampa, Florida here!!!

  5. Jack says:

    North Seattle here.

  6. diane says:

    Natchitoches?? Natchitoches!!! I want to know who visited from Natchitoches!

    We used to live in Natchitoches (pronounced NAK-a-dish, y’all. Or sometimes NAK-a-tosh.)

    O Visitor from Natchitoches, can you tell me: Is Lasyone’s Meat Pie Kitchen still there? Do they still have the same scrumptious meat pies (don’t ask what’s in ’em; just eat ’em)? And do they still have that wonderful broccoli cassrole?

    Is the Shamrock Restaurant still there? Is there still a Natchitoches Christmas Festival? Do the KA boys still sell squirrel gumbo during the festival?

    Boy, that brings back memories!

    Diane, originally from Boston, now in North Carolina

  7. Father Totton says:

    St. Joseph-upon-Missouri in Missouri here!

  8. bryan says:

    Both Lawrenceville, NJ (work) and Morrisville, PA here. Every day.

    And, Father, your ministry is remembered every week at one of my rosary group meetings for your continued service. So, consider that 10-15 women AND men at least acknowledge and ask for Our Lady’s help and protection for you.

    God Bless!

  9. Natchitoches? I am with Diane, I want to know who visited here from there? And speaking of Natchitoches meat pies…I just finished ours off last week! Yummy!

    I have a piece of the oldest tree in Natchitoches that they voted to cut down; it is a beautiful slice of wood.

    Did you know the Roque family on Cane River? Small world!

  10. Maureen says:

    Dear Pago Pago visitor,

    Please feel free to invite me over to your place.

    Your faithful combox comrade,


  11. Daniel Muller says:

    I thought that it was NACK-uh-tish. I suppose as long as I stay on this side of the Sabine, it does not matter too much.

    Good to know the meat pies at Lasyone’s, as recommended to me some years ago, are still there, as I still have not made it!

  12. Ann says:

    College Station, TX

    I always get a lift from this blog and the comments too!

  13. Brent says:

    Ann: Gig ’em Ags!

    It is indeed a blessing to have so many people from all corners of the planet access such a wonderful blog and witness the “return of the sacred” take flight!

  14. RBrown says:

    North Seattle here.
    Comment by Jack

    Beautiful country.

    Twenty years ago I did consulting work near Seattle, staying at the Sheraton downtown and driving each day to Everett. The drive back every evening was spectacular. It was June, and the sky was clear. Mt Rainier looked as if it were painted onto the middle of the sky. I came within an ounce of moving there but instead decided to go study in Rome.

    Then in the early 90’s my parents rented a home for September in Burien. I returned from Rome and flew up to visit them. The house sat on a hill overlooking the sound.

    And then there’s salmon and Ivar’s clam chowder.

  15. Padre Steve says:

    I am writing from New Rochelle, NY this week, but am usually in Orange, NJ. So greetings from Sopranoland!

  16. Lucy says:

    Fresno, CA reads everyday – several of us that I know of. Keep up the great, uplifting work you do !!

  17. Matt says:

    Sacramento, Ca!

  18. Coletta says:

    St Petersburg, FL

  19. Andreas Mulia says:

    Bogor, Indonesia, I routinely open this blog everyday together with Rorate Caeli and NLM.

  20. Fr.Thomas ReganOSB says:

    Greetings from Abergavenny, in Wales !
    God reward you Fr.Z !

  21. GOR says:

    Looking at the list it is interesting to see how many of the places one has been to. I’ve lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (St. Robert’s Parish) and Dublin (two years). I visit Sheboygan, Wisconsin four days a week in my work. I have been to Bismark (once) and Dallas (a few times).

    But Pago Pago…??? I don’t think so. In fact I’m sure I haven’t been. Where is it anyway…?

  22. Fabrizio says:

    Rome, Italy.

    But I’d love to visit Nachitoches!

  23. sacredosinaeternum says:

    A guest at who was on from Nachitoches: it could be Rev. Fr. Ryan Humphries!

  24. Chironomo says:

    I used to frequent a Polynesian Restaurant in Milford MA called “The Pago Pago”… that is the closest I have ever been to such a wonderful place! I am now in the land of the REAL Fountain of Youth… North Port Florida…Ponce De Leon came here looking for the Fountain and discovered two Springs (Warm Mineral Spring and Little Salt Spring) both of which have yielded paleoindian remains over 10,000 years old (one with actual brain tissue intact… yuck!). Anyway… I’m a daily visitor

  25. Tom says:

    Gahanna (NOT Gehenna), Ohio

  26. CTrent1564 says:

    Baton Rouge, LA here. And for interested parties, Nachitoches, LA is the oldest French settlement in Louisiana and has some really nice architecture. I say that only by remembering what I was taught in 7th grade Louisiana history, as I am born and raised in Louisiana and have never been there. For you 80’s film buffs, the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” was filmed Nachitoches

    And to the “gig em Aggies” poster, Gooooo LLLLLSSSUUUUUU, it is too bade that Texas A&M and LSU don’t play any more as growing up, that was one of my favorite football games.

    God Bless

  27. Tom says:

    Kielce, Poland

  28. CTrent1564 says:

    Before the typing police get here, that should be “in Nachitoches” and “too bad”….

    Fr. Z, love your blog and it is among the Catholic blogs that I check and read everyday (and occassionally post as well).


  29. Fabrizio , Natchitoches would love to have you there. At Christmas people from all over the world go there for the spectacular Christmas Lights and fireworks show. It is awesome.The choices of cajun and creole foods abound and all the people there are just lovely. Steel Magnolias, which is based on a true story, was filmed there and the quaint little Catholic Church that was in a scene is where my brother married one of the local girls. Here is Saint Augustine Church http://www.caneriverheritage.org/images/photo_st_aug_door.gif
    Also, in the movie are Tammy’s grandparents, who were used as extras in the scene at the Church. You can visit their town by going here http://www.historicnatchitoches.com


  30. Seminarian? says:

    It might indeed be Fr. Humphries hailing from Natchitoches.

    However, it may have been the ghost of Bishop Martin : O

    He was also a traddy, ya know.

  31. CPT Tom says:

    Reading your Blog in Greensboro, NC this week, but normally in Corning, NY.

    Yours is the first blog I read in the morning. Thank you for being a source of excellent informational ammunition for those of us in the orthodox underground. Brick by Brick, and hence even in the liturgical wasteland a schola can grow, Latin is reintroduced, and the minds of priest can be changed.

    Thank you for your blog, and may God continue to smile on your efforts!


    –CPT Tom

  32. joye says:

    Taipei, Taiwan here! :D
    Have you ever seen Mass in an East Asian country, Father? In Taiwan, instead of shaking hands at the sign of peace, people bow. Always liked that.
    More sanitary too XD

  33. joye: Yes! In Hong Kong. I have written before about the bowing.

  34. JK says:

    Kansas City, Missouri here!

    Reading faithfully every day!

    God Bless Father!!

  35. Texas is in the house, y’all!

  36. Jim C says:

    I guess it just reflects the fact the Church is Catholic.

  37. LCB says:

    Fr. Z,

    Can you tell if anyone from Bora bora has ever visited your website?

  38. mariadevotee says:

    Checked your website from Nashville Tn–just got back from Mass. I got my courage up and wore a veil–only one other woman consistently wears a hat. My wonderful priest said he liked it. I don’t like to be the only one because it draws attention to myself, but I’ll probably make it a regular thing. Maybe another hesitant woman will be encouraged and I won’t be the sole veil wearer.

  39. Father Robert J. Donat, KCHS says:

    Father Z; greetings from Los Angeles,CA. I thank the Lord for the wonderful priest you are and the terrific work you do. I have been a priest for 42 years and just retired. I send my prayers and blessings. Oremus pro invicem.

  40. Mitchell says:

    Daily tuner from Queens, New York here…..We indeed are a diverse group…Brought together, many times for the love of Tradition and our Catholic Faith…Thank you Father Z for making it all possible with such insightful, interesting, and forthright topics…Your analysis is key to the success and for many of us is why we return day after day. God Bless all..

  41. Mairead says:

    Hi everyone. Kilmarnock, Scotland here

  42. Steve K. says:

    Newport News, Virginia

    We built the aircraft carrier you visited in Norfolk, Father :)

  43. Jayna says:

    Reporting from Alpharetta, GA (no one know where that is, so I may as well just say Atlanta). I’ll be in Florida over the weekend, though, so it’ll be Indialantic and St. Petersburg if I get a chance to post while I’m there.

  44. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    Hudson, Quebec, here — near Montreal. Bonjour, y’all. Originally from St. John’s Newfoundland. Any other former “Newfies” out there? Thank you for your blog, Fr. Z. Up here in Canada, you’re known as “Fr. Zed”! God bless.

  45. Stockholm, Sweden – I am one of them in this diasphora, using your info for updating myself and the webb magazine KATOLSK OBSERVATÖR (katobs.se). Great job you are doing, father! The only thing that disturbs me is your comments in red – because I often agree, but I rather want to think it out myself ;-)

  46. Tom Grant says:

    Aloha, from Honolulu. I love your site Father Z.

  47. Jane says:

    I am from Sydney, Australia. This blog is really intereting.

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