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Today we read that H.E. David L. Ricken, formerly of Cheyenne, WY, is now the new bishop of Green Bay, WI.

Also, as per the rumor reported yesterday, H.E. Angelo Amato, SBD, is now the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Fr. Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, SJ, takes Archbp Amato’s place as Secretary of the Cong. for Doctrine of the Faith.

No word yet on Divine Worship.

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  1. Catnip says:

    I don’t understand why Archbishop Amato was sent to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. I understand he helped to write Dominus Iesus and is a good theologian. How will this new post make use of his considerable talents?

  2. Alessandro says:

    I am so happy for the appointment of fr. Ladaria, he was such a wonderful professor, and will be a kind, gentle, but precise and right secretary of the CDF.

  3. Raymundus says:

    Ranjith! Ranjith!

  4. Andrew says:

    A good appointment to be the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Archbishop Angelo Amato SDB.

    However, I regret the departure of Cardinal Jose Saraiva-Martins CMF from this post. A man that I met in Rome in 2005, he was probably the most humble curial head in the Holy See, so much like a typical rural Portuguese parish priest.

    I was delighted that the very last time he presented decrees on the causes of saints to be promulgated to the Holy Father, it contained the name of Nuno Alvares Pereira OCarm.

    His countryman is Portugal’s most famous military hero, who later on became a Carmelite mendicant and served the poor.

    Nuno was beatified in 1918 by Pope Benedict XV, who proposed him as a model for the soldiers fighting in World War I. The cause for sainthood was controversial, and Pius XII was dissuaded by Salazar, from canonizing him by decree.

    In recent years the cause picked up momentum again, and the Cardinal was among its most enthusiastic backers. Even though he was Blessed Nuno, a decree was still sought on the heroicity of his virtues which was promulgated last week by Pope Benedict.

    At least a dozen royal families are descended from Nuno, and we can imagine there will be a strong presence of European Catholic royalty, at his imminent canonization.

    So Cardinal Saraiva-Martins goes out on a louder bang, than even one of Nuno’s cannons.

  5. Aelric says:

    “is a good theologian. How will this new post make use of his considerable talents?”

    Perhaps the beatification and/or canonization of Pius XII?

  6. Jack Regan says:

    *Perhaps the beatification and/or canonization of Pius XII?*

    It never ceases to amaze me, how you lot seem able to link all of your various causes together and to see every piece of news as a move toward each of them!

    I am saying this in jest before anyone gets too offended!!… It’s kinda true though :)

  7. Aelric says:


    Perhaps Mr. Regan might consider spending more than 3 mins reflecting upon the import of what another writes before “jesting.”

    Given the substantive and sublime theological and magisterial output of Pius XII, my comment was meant to suggest that a “good theologian” would be well placed at the Congregation for Causes of Saints.

    Not to mention, sir, that “linking causes” is exactly what systematic theology is all about.

  8. TJM says:

    This sounds like very good news for the people of Green Bay because I recall that Bishop Ricken is a bit time supporter of the TLM. Tom

  9. It never ceases to amaze me, how you lot seem able to link all of your various causes together and to see every piece of news as a move toward each of them!

    Well, as the restoration of the Church progresses on all fronts, perhaps people can be forgiven if different moves seem all of a piece.

  10. Jack Regan says:


    Firstly, call me Jack. Nobody calls me sir and very few call me Mr. Regan :)

    Secondly, I was trying to bring a bit of light hearted humour to life. It’s not something that needs serious analysis. Don’t get too worried about it :)

    If you want my serious view, then I too hope for Saint Pius XII to be recognised. But, as with all things, time will tell…

  11. Brian Day says:

    … It’s kinda true though…

    As long as we are in the jesting mode, is “kinda true” like “kinda pregnant”?

  12. MargaretC says:

    Father, I live in the Diocese of Cheyenne. I usually log on to your blog first thing in the morning; today, I really wish I hadn’t.

    Bishop Ricken is a very good, prayerful man and a conscientious pastor. He’s a big booster of Catholic education and has worked hard to foster new vocations. I don’t know specifically about an initiative for the TLM (right now, we don’t have a priest trained to celebrate it), but he supported the effort to get a priest certified for both the Latin and Byzantine rites. (Not sure if I’m using the right terminology here, but you know what I mean.)He was instrumental in the founding of Wyoming Catholic College. He also racked up 2400 miles this spring doing confirmations…If you’ve ever driven across Wyoming, you know that this requires commitment.

    I’m very happy for the Catholics of Green Bay, but this is really stinky news for us in Wyoming.

  13. Jack Regan says:


  14. Matt Q says:

    Father Z, since you’ve seen this stuff first-hand, why do they piecemeal everything? Just get all their appointments in row and make one announcement.




    Why do people end up where they do? Have they expressed an interest in it, or have some unique expertise? Is it arbitrary? Some master theologian or whatever is told one day he’s suddenly in charge of the Committee for Scraping Outdoor Statues? Who knows?

  15. Bishop Michael Jarrell, the Bishop of the Lafayette Roman Catholic Diocese, has opened the investigation for the Cause of Canonization of Charlene Marie Richard.

    Please pray for this cause to advance. Charlene is my cousin.

  16. I live in the Diocese of Cheyenne…about 4 miles up the road from the Carmelites–the same Carmelites who celebrate the Carmelite Use of the Roman Liturgy according the 1962 Missal. I know the Prior (I work on his father’s ranch) and he has told me that the Bishop here is very supportive of the community.

    I can give uncontestable confirmation that Bishop Ricken supports the Extraordinary Use of the Roman Liturgy.

    Pity we are losing him but good news for Green Bay.

    -Kevin J. Symonds

    Carmelite Monks’ site:

    Make sure to buy their coffee, it’s the best you’ll ever have!

  17. Madonna says:

    To Kevin & Margaret from a parishioner in the Diocese of Green Bay:
    Thank you for the gift you are giving us. Be assured that we here in NE Wi
    will be praying for a good, holy bishop for Cheyenne. God is good and will
    always meet our needs.


  18. William of the Old says:

    Ditto Madonna’s comments; you are close in our prayers.

  19. Gregg the Obscure says:

    This is news is not great for Wyoming Catholics, but the folks in northeaster WI have got themselves quite a bishop. Seven times as many laity and five times as many priests in Bp. Ricken’s new diocess as he had in the old one.

    In addition to the Wyoming Catholic College, Bp. Ricken was instrumental in helping to launch the new Carmelite monastery where the TLM is the norm.

    Maybe Msgr. Thomas Fryar of Denver could move north. He would be a worthy successor to Bp. Ricken, IMO.

  20. RBrown says:

    I don’t understand why Archbishop Amato was sent to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. I understand he helped to write Dominus Iesus and is a good theologian. How will this new post make use of his considerable talents?
    Comment by Catnip

    I thought it was Fr Ladaria who had a hand in Dominus Iesus.

    There is no law that Abp Amato has to remain in the same position for the rest of his Curial life. NB: Cardinal Re will turn 75 next January.

  21. LCB says:

    Sad day for Wyoming, Happy day for Green Bay and the Universal Church!

    Ricken is one of the Bishops I refer to as, “His Awesomeness.” What would go great with this blog? How about some mystic monk coffee, from a group of strict observance Carmelites in Wyoming?

  22. David says:

    Does Wyoming Catholic College have a weekly TLM on Mondays?

  23. Royce says:

    Keep in mind that Amato is 70. This is probably the post he will have until his well-deserved retirement.

  24. Brian C. says:

    For those of you in Wyoming: would you be able to shed some light on some conflicting reports that I’ve read about H.E. David L. Ricken?

    This is only from an internet search, so all necessary qualifiers are in place, of course…

    First, I read this story about Bishop Ricken ordering the denial of Holy Communion to an outspoken “lesbian Catholic” couple who had been receiving Holy Communion at St. Matthew’s Parish in Gillette, Wyoming; a bit of double-checking confirmed that the story was corroborated by more sources than I could count. I thought, “Good! We have a solid bishop with a spine coming to Green Bay!”

    But then I read this blog entry which portrays a nun from St. Matthew’s “inviting” the lesbian couple back, Bishop Ricken backtracking (and claiming that he instigated the invitation via the nun), *apologizing* for the prohibition, and welcoming the lesbian couple back, which all culminated in the happy lesbian couple receiving Holy Communion again [warning: 1.7 MB PDF document!]
    Now… I’ve seen no corroboration of this second story… but I’ve seen no denials, either. Could someone from the great state of Wyoming clarify, for me?

    In Christ,
    Brian C.

  25. William of the Old says:

    Point of interest: St. Joseph Oratory, an apostolate of the ICKSP, is located on the grounds of the diocese of Green Bay.

  26. Lucy says:

    We here in Fresno can’t keep from shouting, “Can we have a new bishop ? Can we ? Can we ?” Like little children waiting for candy.

  27. Daniel says:

    I’m glad to know all these great things about Bishop Ricken! He’s from my hometown of Dodge City. It’s surprising, because our Diocese is pretty crazy when it comes to orthodoxy regarding teaching and liturgy. However, it makes me smile to learn of some good coming from this small corner of Kansas.

  28. RBrown says:

    Keep in mind that Amato is 70. This is probably the post he will have until his well-deserved retirement.
    Comment by Royce

    Keep in mind that he’s one of BXVI’s boys. He was Sec to the SCDF when the present pope was the Prefect–and he had already worked in the SCDF before becoming Sec.

    He has 5-6 years left. There’s no reason why he couldn’t spend a year or so at Saints and then head a more powerful Congregaiton.

  29. enrico says:

    The only thing that bother me is that some months ago, in a local Italian newspaper, Bishop Amato, at the question if the Pope will ever celebrate a Tridentine Mass, answered: I don’t think so, he doesn’t want to come back, or something like that, showing he is no immune from usual modernist mantras.

    About Ladaria, I have no clue. Generally speaking, being a Jesuit is not a good quality at all.

  30. Mathilda says:

    I am truly happy for Green Bay, and will pray for Cheyenne, that Our Lord will send a good holy bishop. While He is at it, if it wouldn’t be too much to ask (like Fresno) we could use a REALLY good holy bishop here in the Santa Rosa (CA) diocese. How much longer do we have to suffer?

  31. Mathilda says:

    sorry, I don’t know what happened, with regards to all the duplicate above posts.

  32. athanasius says:

    I hope Archbishop Ranjith gets it, it would be sad to see him given the snub, especially since he has publicly defended the Holy Father in a dramatic and brave way, it would be a shame to see the libs get their way.

  33. Professor says:

    To the question, does Wyoming Catholic College have a TLM on Mondays, I can respond: last year WCC had the Extraordinary Form on Sundays and Mondays. There is every reason to expect that this schedule will continue to be the norm for the coming academic year.

    There is a diocesan priest of the Diocese of Cheyenne who has trained with priests of the FSSP and knows how to celebrate the EF (and does so).

    Please, everyone, pray hard for a worthy successor to Bishop Ricken.

  34. Matthew Mattingly says:

    Why do we have to be kept waiting for Arinze to be given his walking papers? Is he digging in his feet and refusing to go….a la Cardinal Sodano’s refusal to leave office as Secrteary of State when Pope Benedict XVI first came into office?
    Once Arinze is gone, and maybe Ranjith or Lloveda of Toledo, Spain is in…the Catholic Church will be liturgically on the right track again. [WOW. Out of line. – Fr. Z]

  35. Kim Poletto says:

    Gregg the Obscure:

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Kim Poletto

  36. Oremus says:

    Strange that Bishop Ricken didn’t allow (as far as I can tell) the Indult Mass before the Motu Proprio.

    Pray for the Carmelite Monks! If Cheyenne gets a lousy bishop, then who knows what will happen to them?

  37. Patrick says:


    Neither did Bishop Morlino and, as we have seen from posts on this site, Bishop Morlino is now one of the biggest supporters of SP.

    Rest assured that Cheyenne will receive a good bishop. Has any smaller see received a bad bishop in the last 5 years? I didn’t think so.

  38. TJ says:

    I agree with Matthew- Out with Arinze! He should retire somewhere where he won’t cause any trouble. Our poor church-it needs so much healing!

    I live in Green Bay in a religious community for some years and I pray that Ricken is good for them. Zubick was awesome!

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