11 Sept: Waterbury, CT – Requiem for victims of 9/11

This came via e-mail:

The newly designated minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury CT will have a Requiem Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the victims of 9/11 on Thurs 9/11/08 at 7pm.  Fr. John Bevins also says a weekly Mass in the Extraordinary From every Sunday at 6pm.  There is a Schola during most of the year, but during the summer there is none, so he does a Low Mass. 

Not sure if you have ever been to Waterbury CT, but the Basilica here is the absolutely amazing.  And to top it off, not a few blocks away is the Shrine to St Anne.  http://www.shrineofsaintanne.org/  This structure is absolutely amazing too.  We are blessed here in this part of CT. 

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  1. athanasius says:

    I used to live a half a mile away from there, and at their daily Novus Ordo Mass they gave communion at the altar rail, even after that stupid rubric initiated by the Bishops to force everyone to stand. It is absolutely gorgeous, and modeled somewhat after the basilica Santa Maria Maggiore. They also hear confessions every single day, which was a real blessing at the time. I was teaching at a really bad school. In those days, who could have imagined there would be a Motu Proprio?

  2. Tom A. says:

    I often attend the 6pm TLM on Sundays and can attest that the chanting is superb. F. Bevins should be given a medal for bringing this treasure back to the faithful. He started offering the TLM last November. It is another of those wonderful fruits of Summorum Pontifican and another brick rebuilding the faith.

  3. Alan says:

    I hope to make the trip across the LI Sound for it.

    Here is an absolutely beautiful rendition of the subvenite from the requiem


  4. QC says:

    I have been meaning to get there for the EF Mass although there are closer EF Masses to me. I often go to confession there if I am in the area (since there is practically always confession being offered!)

  5. Rob says:

    Thank you for the links. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve passed through there on the highway going to/from college and later dating my wife. Usually our trip wasn’t Sunday morning, but I do recall breaking the trip for Mass there. I think we ended up at St. Anne’s rather than Immaculate Conception, just out of convenience and coincidence of Mass times.

    Am I correct in recalling that St. Anne’s has some sort of Lourdes grotto or other shrine inside, downstairs from the altar? Or am I mixing that up with another church in the area?

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