Off to the Sceptered Isle

ALL: In a few days I will be in England, in the London area and then, perhaps, in the south. 

I hope to see many good friends there.   Also, I will attend the launch of Usus Antiquior on 14 September. 

I will probably dart down to Rome for the conference on Summorum Pontificum as well and spend a few days there on needed errands.

Hopefully will be an opportunity for a blognic or two while I am in Old Blighty! 

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  1. Dan says:

    Safe trip and Godspeed.

    “will probably dart down to Rome for the conference on Summorum Pontificum as well and spend a few days there on needed errands.”

    Father will this conference be given by the Ecclesia Dei Commission, and what is its purpose?
    Thank you and God bless you.

  2. LCB says:

    If you have time, any chance you can take some pictures of the Bonzi tree store you’ve mentioned previously? It would be neat to see picture of Bonzi in Rome.

  3. Greg: Indeed, yes, as a matter of fact! The dollar has strengthened, but the costs are going to be a serious hit.

  4. John Enright says:

    “Old Blighty” is a great term. As I understand it, the name was coined by Australian troops during WWI to refer with affection to Britain. Imagine that – an American using an Australian term for England, the Mother of all common law countries! You can’t get anymore international than that! Cheerio, I say! Have a safe trip, Father.

  5. Christabel says:

    A blognic! Where? When? I’m really hoping you’ll say Saturday morning in London – then we can all catch the 8am TLM at the Oratory as well!!

    Soberingly, I’m afraid you’re right about the expense of it all, Father. London is horrendously expensive, even with sterling down in the dumps. And best to pack your foul weather gear and ombrellino as well, as the weather here is truly awful.

  6. Tecumseh says:

    Great to hear you’re “rowing” the pond Father. Keep to the south, is my advice. The North is a featureless dump as far as the Traditional Mass is concerned, our Bishops seem to prefer featureless dump. Tell the Pope if you get the chance.
    Mrs Tecumseh and Ones self are heading south to Liverpool to venerate the Hat of St Thomas More this Friday, if you are having a blognic we may be tempted even further south.
    I hear the current issue of the Remnant (not available on line yet) is pushing the “Cause” of Archbishop Lefebvre, I have just heard this on the phone. Any thoughts on this..?

  7. Woody Jones says:

    Well, Father, if you have the time, you should really get up to Walsingham, in Norfolk, to visit

  8. Tecumseh: The Cause?!?  You must be kidding. 

    I think the late Archbishop was, in many respects, a great man.   But when it comes to a Cause, that is for beatification, I suspect that having died in a state of excommunication may constitute an obstacle, even if they can get someone to be the Actor.

    They would have to submit this to the diocese where Econe is located, unless they could argue it should be somewhere else.  That would be an interesting meeting!

    I took the whole Studium from the Congregation for Causes of Saints, and therefore I have what might be called a learen dubitation about what kind of progress such a cause might have, if it is enacted.

    Such a Cause would require a great deal of funding, because of the tremendous travel it would require to obtain the proofs, and then the length of the Roman side of the process, if ever the documenation were accepted and in the proper form.



    But perhaps this should be the topic of its own entry, if such a story comes out.

  9. Woody Jones says:

    “England’s Nazareth”, and what was the premier Marian pilgrimage site in the world during the Middle Ages. The Catholic shrine is centered on the only building remaining from that time, the Slipper Chapel, where pilgrims would leave their shoes before walking the last mile barefoot to the shrine proper. The Anglican shrine is perhaps even more elaborate and no doubt wirth a visit as well. I understand that there is also an Orthodox shrine there, so it is a kind of ecumenical place.I notice that images of Our Lady of Walsingham are now being carried on Trad pilgrimages such as the Chartres one. September 24 is the feast of Our Lady of Walsingham, incidentally.

  10. Woody: September 24 is the feast of Our Lady of Walsingham, incidentally.

    Really? Hmmm…

  11. Tecumseh says:

    “The Cause”….

    As I said Father it’s in the latest Remnant. Which I have not seen, only heard about on the phone.
    Still it could be useful, in a round about way. Many, many good people seem to be “enamoured” of Medjugorje. Recent reports online Remnant talk about “sanctions” against senior people in the Medjugoje circle.
    I’d bet a “Mark a Yen a Buck or a Pound” that Medjugorje will never be given the blessing of the church. The “Good” people who have taken up this cause will be disappointed to say the least, if my gloomy prognostication comes to pass.
    They will need a focus to get themselves back on track.
    Step forward Archbishop Lefebvre.
    I know it’s a long shot, excommunications and all, but someone, somewhere must have got things reasonably correct. The Bishops and most Religious Orders in England don’t give a fig for the Traditional Mass, or for the efforts of the Pope. I was talking to a Monk just today, no chance of his Order ever in any way shape or form changing the disastrous “liturgy” that is killing the Monastery that I’ve been visiting all my life. They need role models, where are we going to get some of those.?

  12. Tecumseh: Okay… but that’s a bit off this topic. Thanks!

  13. Dan says:

    Father Zuhlsdorf,
    There is a beautiful church in the south of England, Woking I believe, called Holy Cross church.
    It loks beautiful from pictures.
    Have you been there or have you a desire to see it?

  14. Craigmaddie says:

    And shall Scotland e’er see ye, Father?

  15. Tecumseh says:

    Scotland, help ma Boab. Noowhosfuraburseyetattiefritter. Lets just stick to the Saltimbocca shall we.

  16. Craigmaddie: Alas, I think not on this trip, though I am very interested to come some day!

  17. Dan: Sounds interesting…. in Surrey, I beleive.

  18. Woody Jones says:

    Father, as I understand it, 24 September is the memorial of Our Lady of Walsingham in England, and also for parishes under that title in other countries, such as the one I belong to in Houston. If memory serves, this day used to be Our Lady of Ransom in England, but was changed to Our Lady of Walsingham a few years ago. Although Fr Finigan could provide additional information, I’m sure, I think the change probably did not signal a great change in intention on behalf of the Church, as Our Lady of Ransom had connotations of prayer for the conversion of England, while Our Lady of Walsingham is patroness of England, known in ye olden times as “Our Lady’s Dowry”, and thus certainly bringing with it the same desire for national conversion.

    Of note also, perhaps, is that at the Anglican shrine, as well as the Catholic one, in Walsingham, the Prayer for the Conversion of England is said, I think daily.

  19. ekurlowa says:

    And when to Russia? :)

  20. Brad says:


    I’m a big fan of your blog! I’m currently here in Oxford, studying abroad for the fall semester as a student from the Catholic University of America. As a parishioner of Mater Ecclesiae in South Jersey where I’m from I also had the pleasure and honor of hearing you preach during one of the beautiful Assumption Masses that Fr. Pasley puts together at the cathedral. If you are going to be in England and have time to stop by Oxford, both myself and a some friends would love to meet you and treat you to a coffee or meal of some kind as we are all big fans! At the very least there is the Oratory you could visit as well as the pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein used to go for a pint (after Mass no doubt)! Perhaps even a few not so ecumenical jokes can be made at the expense of the current situation in the Anglican communion! Do let me know. I’m pretty sure a Megabus ticket from London, purchased in advance is only 3 or 5 pounds. In any case, enjoy the trip and be safe!!!

  21. Brad: I have been to Oxford before, know some folks there, and would love to visit again.

  22. ekurlowa: Ya ni znayu. Alas.

  23. Father Z,

    I look forward to seeing you at the Oratory launch of Usus Antiquior


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