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I got this from a reader:

Here at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, the theologate is having a workshop on the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  I have attached a copy of the schedule.
This morning we assisted at a Solemn High Mass at the St. Vincent De Paul Chapel of the Cardinarl Rigali Center (the former Kenrick Seminary chapel).  It is a beautiful Tudor gothic chapel with side altars and choir stalls, etc.  It was absolutely beautiful. 
The celebrant of the Mass was Fr. Lienhardt of the Institute of Christ the King.  The deacon and sub-deacon were recently ordained priests of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  The MC and servers are seminarian of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary.


Brick by brick, folks!  One on top of the other.  Slowly but surely.


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  1. Jim says:

    Father, we don’t have any bricks out here in Northern California. Could you spare a few?

  2. William of the Old says:

    Is this in reference to the Workshop and Mass celebrated on 17 September or is it in addition to? The NLM posted it on the 17th:

    Nota Bene: Fr. Karl Lenhardt was recently appointed as the Spiritual Director of the Institute’s Seminary in Griciliano.

  3. Thomas C. Upham says:

    FYI: The Pontifical College Josephinum will have an EF Mass on Laetare Sunday this year. This is a different tune that what we heard last year through your blog. :) Think they’ll start training the deacons to offer the Mass? *{]:-)

  4. Frank H says:

    Our parish (in the Columbus suburbs) will have a transitional deacon, currently studying at the Josephinum, assisting through the academic year. He was introduced to the parish last weekend. I asked him after Mass if the Josephinum was training the seminarians in the EF, and he said no. He, too, mentioned the EF on Laetare Sunday.

  5. Josephinum seminarian says:

    Actually, there will be only one EF Mass here this year. It is scheuled for mid-March.

    Please pray for us.

  6. Eric says:

    Brick by brick, folks! One on top of the other. Slowly but surely.

    My wife and I had to go out of town over a weekend recently and left our children with my parents. I had heard some good things about their new priest so I didn’t insist my parents haul my kids out to our parish, which I would have with their old priest.
    Anyway, before mass they were able to speak with the priest and tell him that my kids ussually receive communion kneeling and on the tongue, to which he replied, “Great, that’s the way your supposed to receive communion. As a matter of fact, I am ordering some Prie Dieus for those parishoners that would like to receive that way.”

  7. we don’t have any bricks out here in Northern California

    I suspect there are “bricks” almost everywhere — they’re the young priests and seminarians, most of whom (I gather) are rock solid. Of course, it’ll take a while for these orthodox young fellows to replace the older generation currently occupying many prime spots in rectories and chanceries.

  8. James says:

    Here are a couple of pictures of the Kenrick EF Mass:


  9. Vincent says:

    I have heard that the deacons for the Laetare Sunday Mass will be seminarians from the Josephinum, but that’s the most anyone’s said about training the deacons there.

  10. I am very glad indeed to see that Archbishop Burke’s spirit lives on! I am proud to say I know one of the seminarians in that last photo.


  11. Richard says:

    Looking at the second photograph, they don’t seem to be enjoying it!

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